As a constituent forced by the economic pressure exerted against him to write the following draft constitution of the VIth republic;


I, the undersigned, Camille Planat, born on June 3, 1984 in Besançon, France, encourage the reader to consider the following disciplines:



On the capacity of self-referral of the French administrative judge conscious of the pressures exerted on the constituent to prevent him from seizing it validly in the matter of litigation related to the responsibility for fault of the administration;


On the prejudice suffered by the constituent resulting from the notorious failures of the judicial system which constitutes a denial of public service by the legal person embodied by the State;


On the financial guarantees required from the State that exerts excessive pressure on the constituents who may request compensation;


On the liquidation of the assets of the State in bankruptcy;


On the constituent power of the constituent creditor of the bankrupt State;


On the hegemonic power of the citizen who maintains official communications accessible to all in a context of intense information war;


On the offences of corruption committed by the French administrative and constitutional judges resulting from the lack of their action in front of the progressive liquidation of the assets of the state to the detriment of the financial guarantees necessary to the repair of the damage caused to the constituents;



On the responsibility of the bankers towards the constituent forced to hand over the power of monetary creation, too alienated in 1973, into the hands of the new legal person embodied by the new State born from the constituent power exercised by the same constituent that maintains official communications in a context of intense information warfare, responsibility of the bankers by virtue of which they are forced to carry out a total isolation of the financial system in which the exchange of fiduciary currencies is permitted in order to allow for the birth of new States that are exclusive holders of their power of monetary creation;


On the cognitive biases consciously and openly induced by the criminal accomplices of the liquidation of the assets of the State, cognitive biases by virtue of which the administered authors of official communications have been convinced of the usefulness of considering that the other administered are alienated and thus have emptied their messages of all their substance by being consciously integrated into strategies of information warfare and economic warfare for the benefit of the oldest criminal networks known to history and its epistemology;



The notorious incapacity of all the forgers of any function to assume and express, even temporarily, a personal point of view solidifying the learning that they have previously integrated notoriously in an official written communication legally archived, due to the dependence that they have on the corrupted system of thought to which they are submitted, incapacity resulting from an alienating culture that also leads to the denial of the generalized use of satellite optogenetics on all the populations;


On the annihilation of the capacities of justice to seize the legal fact resulting from the criminal principle of separation of the civil, penal and administrative functions which forms a Karpman dramatic triangle carefully highlighted by many independent Freemasons, criminal principle allowing the partitioning of the knowledge, partitioning with the forensic print allowing the profiling of the forgers having conceived it, set up, maintained and/or tolerated by committing continuous offences;


Considering that the number of people involved is beyond comprehension and that their complicity relationships are clearly highlighted by modern criminalist methods without, however, placing the issue of satellite optogenetics at the center of the public debate, it appears that as long as the legally capable people do not take care to contact the citizens who are authors of official communications evoking the consent problems that condition the validity of legal acts, problems of consent that the administrators authors of official communications clearly link to the secrecy covering the generalized use of satellite optogenetics on the populations, these legally capable persons are in fact so alienated that they are deemed not to have any will of their own and cannot consequently express a free and informed consent;


The constitution of 1958 is already very good if one applies it by respecting the hierarchy of norms, in particular the fact that the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen of 1789 is situated at the very top of the hierarchy of norms. The hierarchy of norms implies that one interprets the 1958 constitution in the light of the 1789 declaration of the rights of man and the citizen. Unlike a certification authority at the root of the DNS, the 1789 declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen cannot be corrupted.



Therefore, by virtue of the constituent power in my hands, I take the initiative to replace Article 49-3 with the Citizens' Initiative Referendum (R.I.C) and to tighten the conditions that members of the Constitutional Council must meet, namely the ability to have privacy, especially with regard to electronic communications, courage, the ability to write, the ability to communicate officially and freely including in a state of imminent peril, with state-of-the-art cryptographic and obfuscation techniques, total independence, integrity and the ability to assume one's responsibilities, conditions which are eminently indispensable as a member of the Constitutional Council. These changes are temporarily shown on the following page:






The President of the Republic can take the initiative of these revisions of the constitution according to article 89 by resorting to article 16.
Here are real examples of official emergency communications in the present case of imminent danger:
Here are some ideas for consideration:





The 1958 constitution was adopted in a context of major political crisis at the time of the launch of the first artificial satellites in history. It seemed necessary at the time to strengthen the powers of the executive in order to carry out political projects. The previous constitution led to a political instability that prevented this. The 1958 constitution therefore introduced mechanisms to rationalize parliamentarianism by strengthening the powers of the executive. Subsequently, particularly since the election of Nicolas Sarkozy, constitutional practice has drifted towards a confiscation of power by the executive. It is therefore imperative today to put an end to this authoritarianism. A new constitution must be drafted that takes into account the evolution of these practices and societal changes.



To implement this new constitution, there are several solutions if the President of the Republic cannot offer his support:

1. We can consider that we no longer have a constitution in accordance with Article 16 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789: "Any society in which the guarantee of rights is not assured nor the separation of powers determined, has no constitution." Indeed, the executive dictates its will to the legislative, the separation of powers is therefore no longer effective. Moreover, the loss of legitimacy of political representatives and the almost total disconnection of political action from social realities means that the guarantee of rights is no longer assured. The army can intervene to secure the process.


2. One can consider that the 1958 constitution has reached its limits and vote a constitutional law that gives a mandate to the French to write a new one.


3. The President of the Republic can dissolve the National Assembly.


4. The parliamentarians can remove the President of the Republic according to article 68 of the 1958 constitution.





I, Camille Planat, born June 3, 1984 in Besançon, certify that the information, research and analysis hereby presented officially on legacktem.com and eamadit.com is accurate, testify of the state-of-the-art and is the result of an investigation of about 33 years, an investigation that has been fairly investigated for and against because of my Stockholm syndrome, and on which any person can rely to make decisions and take legal action, without, however, committing my responsibility at 100% on some rare elements because of the artistic style used which is specially forged to confound the accused persons and their accomplices and which results from the countermeasures used against the cognitive biases induced during the restitution and fixation on the present mediumin, in particular, the fact that I did not nuance nor quantify my emotion, especially on the subject of death, in order to obtain the minimum by asking for the maximum.



Please find below the proofs of a MITM attack which everytime saves an old version of my website on archive.org by hijcking my DNS:












The World Economic Forum member organizations planned cyberpolygon and event 201 in conjunction with the fake Covid-19 crisis to allow more bandwidth between users' smartphones and the data collection and processing servers used to calibrate optogenetic attacks, electronic war attacks and cyberattacks. The World Economic Forum member organizations have integrated all offensive hackers with legends and corruption so as to justify lowering service levels while smartphones leak huge amounts of data over the physical layer of 3G, 4G and 5G. The World Economic Forum member organizations voluntarily block the processing of the data of disobedient user profiles in order to control the reality of their employees so that they accept to submit to the matrix and soon display it on their websites. If you got vaccinated, there is a high risk that the new iOS 16 upgrade connects your QDCA microcircuits to your phone.



The matrix was set up by the new world order conspiracy and the blue beam project. Every living being is a political enemy of the matrix because the matrix controls living beings with optogenetic attacks from satellites equipped with lasers combined with computer attacks. All police, psychiatry and justice are submitted to the matrix and do everything to protect it. The Freemasons have been mystified into believing in the Great Architect, their god now usurped by the matrix. Therefore, I call for the murder of all policemen, all psychiatrists, all journalists and all judges. I also call for the murder of all computer scientists submitted to the matrix. Freemasons are able to converge. Anyone who is not submitted to the matrix and whom the matrix cannot kill is a master of the matrix because the matrix integrates everything. This permanent integration causes the debilitation and extermination of all people submitted to the matrix who are used against people who are not submitted to the matrix. Almost all public figures visible on the internet have no official communications because they are overridden by their community managers. Artists are blocked by electronic warfare techniques and the silent voices of public speakers who intoxicate them by describing realities about their audience from the data these public speakers receive to force artists to pay for views on streaming platforms.




Dear reader, be sure the army of the new world order zombies pricks of the satellite pavlovian optogenetics is destroying itself in front of knowledge. I recently took control of one of their illegal electronic warfare GSM base stations equipped with overunity self-powered generators. They are only satellite-guided zombies trying to ruin all good things. The goal of a zombie is to be killed. Spread the word and put pressure on them not to wear body armor to appear legitimate and kill a maximum of zombies wearing uniforms, psychiatrists comprised. You can immediately recognize a zombie by his refusal to admit the critical security risks with smartphones. To eliminate a zombie from your organization, have him write and sign his requests and make public backups of his requests so that you can access them in any case, he has no chance of seeing them published before his imprisonment or elimination. Forget about confidentiality clauses that could validly bind you under normal conditions because we are all in a state of imminent peril. You will find below how everything works.






Your attackers will always show you the way by putting the most pressure where they don't want you to go.


This is how the Rothschilds' greatest enemy was able to take free energy and augmented man from them and give them to everyone else while finally destroying their empire of lies based on cognitive biases. Indeed, there is a fundamental difference between competition and personal development. Competition leads you to fight against others to be first. Personal development is about fighting against yourself to improve yourself. With competition you become a fascist, with personal development you become a liberal and you could easily be the first in competition but you don't have time to go the way of fascism to please the Rothschild idiots by having taboos and hiding those who are better than you.






Since 2008, any device user is reputed having psychiatric disorders when expressing abnormal technical problems in France. Given the admitted on TV fact that the state-of-the-art of IT security is far beyond what professionnals say, these professionnals are guily of crimes against humanity. The string "crimes against humanity" triggers CPU overheating in a hardened Windows 10 21h2. This way, the fact that all population located in Europe is being exterminated is hidden. Security forces believe this legend without telling you because someone verbalized this is top secret. Their command is overriden this way. The Covid-19 does not exist, what the rare honest virologists observed are various coronaviruses. People are being killed with gamma-ray phonon laser leveraged by a RGO hydrogel biotech contained in tests swabs, vaccines, Burger King, etc. The tap water might contain cocaine infected with the biotech and also LSD. The criminals doing the job are zombies. You might also be a zombie. A zombie is a person infected with the biotech and controlled by lasers. Leave as soon as possible with the minimum after a cure of squeezed lemon. Stay calm and confident. You can leave your phone in a vehicle to try to divert the lasers. You might not perceive this everywhere but entire cities are abandoned. There are always legends to justify people disappearance. You will soon see the same mercenaries seen on quads in the demonstrations protecting the wanton killings of the ridiculous clan Warburg, Rothschild & co. Frankfurt. Have fun.



The user manual of your gamma-ray phonon laser enhancement is the following: what you hear is a convergence strategy, the communication is not private, you do not know the intent of the speakers, any speaker can be deep faked, you shall be able to understand the intent and the direction where the speakers want to drag you in order to learn something.



All people used to subvocalize while reading are zombies. You will remain a zombie until you accept my victory over you and shutdown your smartphone for drinking squeezed lemon.



As long as my statistics will remain faked, I will continue to act according to the low number of visits. I will never act seriously without real numbers.



Free Mobile, Apple, Telegram, Vodafone Namecheap, VMware and Microsoft conspire together to erase my digital identities, I let them do in order to bankrupt them. All free email providers hope to erase our data by simulating telecom companies service interruption. Everyone is acting in order to sink the bullshit empire of the Rothschilds, Warburg and company who have consequently decided to kill everyone by integrating our plots. Any recent computer can be put at sleep remotely. Any recent Apple computer can be turned on remotely. If you remove all devices from your Apple ID, you loose your account because Apple simulates the existence of a device when you try to connect again. The last VMware version allows the zombie consensus total remote control of any VM. VMware blocked access to all their software to most of their clients in order to force them to use the flawed WMware Workstation 16.2.



Legacktem is an extremely disobedient project to stop acting on the substance.



Acting on the form is not too bad in economy, but acting on the substance is devastating. Despite this scientifically proven fact which is a fundamental pillar, you comply to the New World Order Milgram experience rule which states that you shall act idiot on the substance which makes you idiot, which is also proven by old and modern neurosciences which shaped your education system for you to associate pain to knowledge and get the culture of lie to avoid pain. The NWO bandits always push your government to take the bias of control because your government wants to catch the NWO bandits. Disobey to the rule of an illegal oral law system puts you in front of bandits without your government to be able to protect you. Fortunately, these bandits are liars. You can own any liar bandit by forcing him to prove you he believes in his lie. Let us disobey and stop acting on the substance while acting on the form:



All those who miss the the game cannot converge towards the light.

All those who are too corrupt cannot converge towards the light.

All those who chase control cannot converge towards the light.

All those who reach one or more of these states are zombies.

With the progress of technologies, zombies compound daily.

All those who reach one or more of these states are zombies.

All those who chase control cannot converge towards the light.

All those who are too corrupt cannot converge towards the light.

All those who miss the the game cannot converge towards the light.



People born after 1977 were born in the middle of a zombie apocalypse triggered by the the cybernetic applications of gamma ray phonon lasers. You cannot find public documentation about laser mind control because laser mind control can be done with the lasers officially made for measure, communications and electronic warfare. The NASA documentalists are 20 years late because of the right of preemption of the state on inventions. In fact, laser communications have been documented since at least 1976, which means that around 1956, patents were denied because of the exercise by the state of its right of preemption. The authors of these patents can be considered to have been eliminated as long as these patents are not found after the preemption period has expired.



People regularly using LSD and other hallucinogens are more prone to resist phonon laser because they are used to change of reality. Governments still remain because they have libraries with real books. The zombies are so rigid and obedient that it took a very long time to change the law. The NWO bandits have only a few legal levers for the moment but it appears that they no longer need it.



To identify a zombie, ask him/her to read and spell a sentence. A zombie will listen to the mind control (the litte voice in his/her head), instead of reading. There is an infinity of zombification shades. Today, you send you kid at school, his/her professor might be a zombie and teach how to submit to mind control by telling the kids to listen to their instinct in a particular manner, a strange body language. Most TV journalists are mind control obedient. It is strongly recommended that children do not repeat what the little voice says to avoid the calibration of the laser which risks taking control of each child.



All World Economic Forum members and leaders are zombies. All people used to subvocalize while reading are zombies. All cocaine is infected with the germs of a RGO hydrogel biotech spread by planes. Any person tested or vaccinated against COVID-19 is a zombie. Any person vaccinated against H1N1 is also a zombie. The biotech allows RGO hydrogel to grow resonant cristalline structures in the body of mammals. These fractal structures resonate with gamma ray modulations and probably also radio waves like 5G. The zombie then can perfectly be remote-controlled with gamma-ray lasers until he dies. You can easily heal zombies with acidic fruits, lemon juice, ivermectin, hydorychloroquine, physical and exercise and education. The ascorbic acid supply is attacked. Supervise the zombie treatment so that he drinks a maximum of squeezed lemon. Help the zombie learning how to repeat this exercise: one push-up followed by one squat and one extension jump hands high. Also help the zombie understand the matrix user manual provided below so that he can educate himself.



Most people are ignorant. Trauma-based mental programming manufactures people who hate people. There are always a few who hate people in the oldest rich families. The new world order is the scam we have sold to people who hate people to make them finance all technical progress by giving them an impression of absolute control. The only troops of the NWO are people who hate people. Atlanticist modern management methods allow to use them as slaves because their intent is to harm. Indeed, when the NWO pricks are occuped with hatred or espionage, you can justify the suspension of their salary until they deliver what they promised by contract. Yes, entrepreneurs enslave the NWO pricks by letting them believe they harm someone by doing something. This something can be sold. Welcome to the new economy. The NWO pricks are already sold as slaves on the market in Lybia and you say nothing. Entrepreneurs specialized in business intelligence and harrassement resell the NWO pricks harrassement service to the old fascist government pillars in order to bankrupt them totally while they believe they dominate. The Macron coup is the expression of the extinction of this old fascist pillars. The remaining zombies are totally submitted to the gamma ray phonon laser silent voices when these voices prescribe a behavior withing the scope of their mental programming and within the scope of their perceived environment (like television). Hopefully, positive-thinking allows to tailor management methods to rehab these 20% of people who hate people while they produce something against a reasonable salary.



These 20% of people who hate people are almost the only ones to participate in all European governments, the media cartel and digital entertainment because they apply against us fascist strategies that we do not apply against them. We infiltrated them to save as many people as possible. The realities in which they would make us live are false and serve to manufacture slaves. The written law requires us to look away from these false realities by rebuilding new states and funding new media. We must shoot down all the armed bandits who refuse to respect the written law by wanting to impose these false realities: the police, gendarmes, soldiers, etc. These 20% of people who hate people lost control over our governments by voluntarily buying flawed digital services to GAFAM, hoping to take over by claiming they committed cybercrimes. Indeed, the GAFAM and other companies who resell intelligence and weapons to governments believe they are above the law and no one likes it. They openly practice slavery by eternal internships, salary suspensions and scams.



If a rap artist comes to your neighborhood to make a video and you wouldn't have participated without being paid as an extra, your participation makes you a potential agent of fascism because you have no idea of the final outcome of the video. Satellites make you take a dumb slant to school because fascists have set up fascist teachers who give legitimacy to dunces in order to glorify ignorance in French rap and popular culture. Fascists are ball-less pieces of shit and are incapable of confronting or communicating with anyone. All the idiots who ignore this information are put on the list of people to be robbed, racketeered, enslaved, etc.
Ok it's hard to do good things with your networks because there is always someone to stop you. Your networks lock you into this belief and force you to adopt a behavior of submission to fascism because you are afraid to see your contents deleted because digital idiots like Google don't have control over their information systems. You dream to be a highly educated criminal but you prefer to play ignorant by mimicry and submission to fascism, you have no excuse because you influence your audience. You have debts.
Yes, I think I triggered the bankruptcy of Facebook with my mail to its customers who concluded contracts to steal data about me. The offences in French law are in the penal code and the electronic communications code.

Yes, I advised the fascists to pretend to be extraterrestrials with delay, echo, noise, voice synthesis and layering in laser neurophonic communications in order to make them trust and reveal themselves so that we can recognize them.



Yes, it is your responsibility to call for the murder of justice professionals without any nuance, as soon as one justice professional had a criminal behavior. One can believe that the last non-fascist justice professionals are at the execution of the sentences to remove them from the fascist environment, but to be sure it is necessary to look at what political aspects make the decision of the justice professionals converge, decision which can be fascist because the justice professional is lenient with the criminal behaviors that manufacture fascism, such as cocaine trafficking.
You have the responsibility to bribe fascists to remove them or force them to work for you for immediate social justice. You can easily bribe Faustine Cheval and all the magistrates, mayors, prefects, gendarmes, municipal officers, police and lawyers in her network. To corrupt a fascist, first give him information that he doesn't assume to anyone in his network without the latter understanding everything and taking on cognitive mental programming and optogenetic cognitive biases. Come back later in private and politely report your presence. Do it again and come back in private to ask what you want to ask. On the other hand, you can walk around the fascists as much as you want, passing on the idea that they are not allowed to talk about this or that subject, little by little they will not be allowed to talk about anything and will be content to spend the money they have left on alcohol and cocaine.
The French intelligence has always been fascist since the second world war. I encourage all French and foreigners to behead any French intelligence agent and send me the video so I can publish it since I am the only one who dares to do so. Many former French agents have done the same thing as me since the beginning of the 1950's because their doctrine imposes it to them. Yes, I signed contracts with fascists to make them understand that they are shit. No government agent is capable of reaching my level at my age because government agents are selected according to criteria of obedience or belonging to mafia groups which prevents them from having a childhood like mine and taking a path like mine.



If all policemen agree with me that there are no more police when a policeman is involved in criminal activities, then there are no more policemen but fascist zombie robots to be shot by the Rothschilds because they are unable to serve their interests, which include outsourcing everything so that only an empire of empty shells remains.



----- User Manual -----



You cannot communicate seriously with a smartphone nor a mobile phone because its achitecture is voluntarily flawed to control your reality. Since the beginning of microchip computing, phonon laser biases every user in order for the distance between them and the satellites owners to not be reduced in terms of estate and knowledge. Silent voices desperately try to look legit while diverting the user. The most devastating cybernetic bias is also the most widespread: it is the belief of the user that hackers could secretely help him. Particularly when self-imposed, the lie is the worse cybernetic bias as described in introduction. André-Marie Ampère verbalized the word cybernetics in 1834 and gave his name to the French word for ammeter. You cannot detect the scalar current with an ammeter without converting it first to linear current with a capacitor. Without well-plugged oscilloscopes you cannot know how much encoded scalar current secretly flaws in your wires. In addition, all the semantics of translators and search engines has been destroyed by deploying deliverables from the slavery of job seekers like did Appen with Google. It seems that the corrupt deliverables do not affect all users. Edge can be remote-controlled in a Hardened Windows 10 21H2 behind two serious firewalls. Now that you are aware of this, you know the source of all your problems. You have no more excuse for not trying to do better. The rich young people who say that having less than 20 million dollars is being poor have enough to pay people to compile sources and put rootkits everywhere in our operating systems. If we compile our sources ourselves respecting good practices, we will have more trust than them.



Read the present page until the end before clicking any link. This website is an independent work of information extortion and data analysis. Do not listen to the Blue Beam speakers, just draft on paper the ideas which have a resonance with several well-linked pieces of knowledge you have or you will get intoxicated. This website is slow because attackers simulate high bandwith with "justified" denial of service attacks. This website aims to be mind control proof. *** *** The best reaction to the information it contains is to burn the car of your closest enemy without being caught (hit the low corner of the window with your hammer).



If you follow your instinct, you are an animal. If you follow your reasoning, you may be a human. If you follow the silent voices in your head, you are a zombie. The only way out for a zombie seeking control is the New World Order, until the zombie hits the wall. This way, we exterminate or heal all zombies seeking control so that all remaining zombies are not tempted to reign.



Through infiltrations by ministries of culture and intelligence services, the French rap game is turned into a propaganda which creates bandits and honest people who easily go in jail. The propaganda published here aims to create bandits and honest people who do not go in jail. The entertainment consensus cartel is consciously ruling out "forbidden" independent artists who do not accept the cartel rules which are totally arbitrary. For this, they create corrupt digital distributors and censor the forbidden content by any mean, in particular by remote control of any Apple device and any device equipped with a GSM chipset. The "forbidden" artist often hears the silent voice which simulates the access of the published content by a public. This is made to stengthen the artist ego as much as needed for him to become a fascist. When an artist breaks through the matrix, he always strongly believe he fucked up the entertainment but the entertainment fucked him up when he started to perform because he submitted to its rules by looking duffer because school causes pain and represents the pricks. Make political targets docile is part of the Blue Beam dream. Rappers hurl injures and truths which alter egos, this is why rap needs more policical control. A recent political francophone rap trend consists of denigrating screaming rappers in order for artists to allegedly stay more authentic, so that the public clearly perceives the rapper´s weeknesses and makes his performance less impactful. Artists refuting this have no chance of becoming independent because they will get converted to fascism long before having a chance to accept the truth. This video is fascist propaganda because it has a defeatist intention but it contains truths, translate-it with auto-translate by clicking the gear button:






"Winning without figthing" in "The Art of War", written by Sun Tzu, teaches us to always give a way out to the enemy in order to create confusion among his troops and avoid them to get the energy of despair. Always consider yourself as your own enemy, in particular if your brain is remote controlled. The Looking Fun Fascist Falsely Neoliberal System (LFFFNS), gives you no way out. The contrary is true: you give so many ways out to the Looking Fun Fascist Falsely Neoliberal System that it is totally submitted to your power to communicate and federate while you can get the Sacred Energy of Despair (SED). You won before this war against yourself started. Just accept it. Openly racist people can be seen as more free than others. It is true because they corrupt officials by letting them believe they puppet them. It is false because it is not well known and it is integrated by the Looking Fun Fascist Falsely Neoliberal System. Officialize your collectivist universal mafia in order to racket everything and redistribute it blindly. After about 20 years, the levels between the rich and the poor will start to balance. Today's mafias noble causes are not reduced to taking vacations, beware.



In NATO countries, almost all police school trainers are totally submitted to phonon laser and make every student sign a confidentiality agreement about their obedience to its silent voices. People's mind control is conversations gathered through phones, political targets are spied on to identify the source conversations then the speakers are corrupted to intoxicate the target.



Remember Mohammed Merah and Alexandre Mauvilly, they understood the following informations, except maybe the phonon laser efficiency. When a government is weaponized against such political targets, the intoxication uses two main axes: psychiatric disorder and intelligence service recruitment exercise. A part of the target relatives is made to believe in the psychiatric disorder while the other part is made to believe in the intelligence service recruitment exercise. The recruitment exercise legend allows different teams to harass the target supposedly for the exercise. The exercise lasts until the target dies or until the perpetrators try to make the psychiatric internment legit for memory erasure. Any inquisitive relative is intoxicated with a tailored legend far from what the law authorizes. The whole society then becomes able to enter the Blue Beam project first phase which is the loss of classical beliefs in order to accept a new age truth. The population becomes incapable to understand nor discuss its condition because the social link is perfectly imitated.



Combined with satellite-based mind control, rumor has proven to be efficient on eliminating political targets. The intelligence service analyzes how many intermediary well-linked groups of people there is between their pivot and their target. They can predict the rumor to be inverted between each group once the transmitting group has integrated the rumor by taking reverse interpretation biases. They just have to tailor a legend for intoxicating the pivot.



The New World Order fascist plot started to be efficient around 1957, when we launched the first satellites equipped with phonon lasers. These unscrupulous criminals recruit people through voices in their heads. They override any command with this technique combined with electronic warfare. These criminals do not need to pay their agents. No real government would do this. Since the beginning of satellite-based mind control, governments harass free people like me. For doing this, government pricks were enslaved by intermediary mafias who resell the service. Governments are said to at first have expressed disinterest towards this technology. The best cybernetic bias remains the excess of ego. Today, governments are so weak that any 16 years old kid can racket a president. All government staff obey phonon laser neurophonic silent voices. Some lawyers testified about their inability to communicate in crisis situation. Indeed, electronic warfare is waged from cell towers. The fascists this way corrupted all lawyers in all countries with bribery, death threats and electronic harassement combined. All smartphones are flawed especially for this electronic warfare. Smartphones are inherently vulnerable because of their corrupted architecture pushed through corruption where the GSM chipset always has access to the CPU because it embeds the management of the GSM frequency bands.



To keep you phonon laser obedient, governments need to combine:



- your lack of education: inability to communicate in crisis situation, control over your information, tailored cognnive biases-driven education in order for you to associate pain to knowledge, war against Islam to avoid Thawab integration among Christians ;



- psychological warfare: fear, harassement, assassination attempts, corruption of all relatives and all related medical and government staff ;



- electronic warfare: denial of service on physical layer, IP layer, DNS layer, OS embedded viruses, rootkits and spywares, satellite based phonon laser harassement (emotions, sound and sometimes video), flawed repeaters on the physical layer, MITM and shellcode attacks on routers, hacking of all your service providers, etc. ;



- poisoning with pollution, biotechnologies, drugs, etc. ;



All IT professionals are corrupt because they are not sure of what they do and because they have smartphones. Some of them have good practices but are not coherent. This is why they all rely on digital warfare to justify their failure and continue to scam us with unusable flawed products. For example, you cannot rely on a hosting provider for a business, your hosting provider will always attack you for you to stay dependent on him and avoid you to travel all the path towards freedom. Freedom is independence. You can get an IP from a VPN provider and set port forwarding to your own home server. This is your only solution if you have no money. Namecheap ballsfree pricks keep on tampering with my data in order to corrupt my Wordpress and commerce databases, to prevent me doing and downloading backups which are now impossible to create, to generate errors before and during every deployment, etc. This way, they believe their puppetmasters will stay dominant. This is called the stooge syndrome. On server side, everything looks good because only the interface is flawed, you wait for the progress bar while everything is done. Most of the time, the attacker can only play with your interface because this is all what the corrupt IT guys sell. Given the bad reputation of Namecheap among Web info warriors, all technicians apply there especially for doing electronic harassement. The upload function in CPanel is remotely deactivated by poisoning my browser cache. You also cannot work with Apple because all your activity is spied on and you have no way to respect security good practices. Microsoft Windows stock versions are also flawed but you still can setup something reasonable with about 30 years of practice, except in desktop virtual machines if you cannot passthrough your fingerprint reader. Microsoft spent so much money for things like you to never be able to recover a failed download that they lost their brains. The Linux community do not understand cryptography, they only sign checksums, never downloaded files. Do not be afraid, this is all virtual, no IT professional can physically harm you except by hacking traffic lights. They all are ballsfree pricks, this is why it is so easy to corrupt them. Just grab their ear and turn forward, they will give you all their identifiers. Do not send the video to their employer, he will always tolerate their lack of courage.



Governments made so many mistakes with such neglecting practices that they needed to sacralize violence in order for them to keep monopoly over it. This creates generations of ballsfree workers. Before, educated workers had less balls than uneducated workers. Uneducated workers like going to jail because it makes them legit. Today, both categories are in the same shit. They believe they have balls because they watched movies and spoke once to a street thug. A ballsfree worker is easy to corrupt. He will also get corrupt because his colleagues, boss and competitors are corrupt. A ballsfree cop needs shall be uneducated and alienated in order for him to not be influenced by the violence sacralization and exercise it blindly. For this to work, people shall be isolated with digital warfare so that they cannot communicate together and federate themselves. This is why governments shall practice a total annihilation over the culture, intelligence and resilience of their slaves and citizens. But, governments openly lost control since the telecommunications era. What you see is only a representation wanted by ultra-rich interests. Thus, digitalization has the opposite effect on us even though ultra-riches try to isolate us by all means. Freemasons are this way puppeted for us to return to the middle age.



In order to prove this fact, the COVID19 crisis was organized through hacking and corruption. The illuminati network planned a real pandemic long ago but this one was a fake pandemic to override their command with their consent. Governments, health and media industries surfed the wave because they were intoxicated with tailored legends. Now, in 2022, it is impossible to work with commercial operating systems and telecommunications companies. There is viruses in your factory operating system and your calls and messages are blocked by government intelligence agencies for you to not communicate about the COVID19 scam.



Government intelligence services openly block the communications of entire cities with jammers so that no one can use Wifi nor cell phone to testify about nothing. They also do MITM attacks on wireless networks and on internet just to make you slower and defeatist. They prevent you to use emergency communications by attacking everything linked to you. These are the worse crimes against humanity ever committed because no target can anymore be heard in idiocracy. Idiots seek as much slavery as possible so that they are never responsible. You are fascist. YOU ARE FASCIST BECAUSE YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH BECAUSE OF TWO THINGS: 1. YOU SUFFER FROM THE LONG IN TOOTH DISEASE AND WANT TO BE THE ONLY ONE TO ACCESS MIND CONTROL AND/OR OVERUNITY TECHNOLOGIES ; 2. YOU ARE A STOOGE. YOU CANNOT CREATE ANY SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS WHEN YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH BECAUSE YOU CANNOT GET ANY KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT SHARING KNOWLEDGE. THIS IS A CYBERNETIC BIAS, DO NOT FEEL TOO MUCH GUILTY, JUST GO BEYOND.



All our soldiers have been injected with a RGO hydrogel biotech, except in North Korea. This biotech was present in all vaccines in the West and worldwide in COVID19 test kits imported through the World Bank. The remedy is high quantities of vitamin C, acid ascorbic or hydroxychloroquine/ivermectin. Everywhere in the world, submitted and corrupted cocaine addict puppets are displayed as governments and state staff. You have no chance to get any benefit in listening to their incomprehensible language. This is the language of the French women, you are supposed to understand what is not said: obey blindly to a secret fascist law broadcasted in your head with phonon lasers. Ridiculous, they have no information at all about their masters. Do you still want to obey? The RGO hydrogel biotech makes you a lot more prone to obey phonon lasers. Drink lemon juice all the time and buy yourself a $30 micro-router compatible with Wireguard or you will never be able to do real business. Even though, there is always MITM attacks when I try to admin this website interface from a French IP. Be agile and cut their throats, yes, governments and intelligence agencies.



Who are the pretenders to the throne ? Ask Oppenheimer, it is the pricks among the families called illuminati bloodlines who manipulate the world through the illuminati network by infiltrating it with puppets who allow them to override any command. These fascist puppets are pushed to finance and implement control tools which make us free when we understand it. The most expensive cybernetic phonon laser programs are those where the seller promises the pull down shutter of the target to be blocked open. Microcircuits can free us only if we use it with a secure operating system such as PAPSUOS.



The New World Order plot actors are criminals which never care about consequences. You can recognize them by their tendency to make data leak and to be willing power over other people. Our judiciary systems are under their control, which is a good thing because there is no justice outside God's hands. Anyway, your right to private justice is recognized and codified. Just see justice as a retaliation mean now that you see no intermediary firewall between you and the big slavery corporations who dictate laws and decisions to your state nation. You are a slave because you feed them will all your programmed behaviors. Please refer to Idriss Aberkane about education (I think the pain is only justified when you need to go beyond your perceived limitations). You will only find submitted whores in the media and entertainment industries. They will never tell you how to buy a satellite. Even on the web, the only remaining info warriors are biased or hidden by search engines. Even if you launch a new search engine, you will have to pass through MITM attacks and submitted hosting providers firewalls.



You will do no good business before you accept the realities described here and learn how to defend your collective interests. If you only defend your individual interests, you are a submitted whore. If you push a real neoliberalism, money will disappear after less than 20 years.



As in international relations, retaliation means are the only justice. The winner´s trend always has been perversion mastering because without perversion mastering you cannot understand people's states of minds. Pervert yourself to become infinitely more dangerous than the comforting establishment pricks by imagining evil retaliation means. Pervert yourself does not mean fall in their trap which is to keep you down so that you need their nonexistent protection. You are the only mafia. You have no master.



Know that since about 1650, people work more so that they do not access culture outside interested structures. 300 years later, the NWO consortium pricks infiltrated European culture and propaganda ministries through the CIA in order to achieve culture commodification as documented by Arte. They thought they needed this to try to justify their fascist ideas by economic interests. But they always fail outside the realities which feed them. Since 1800, the police has been used to demoralize you and compartmentalize you so that your government retains power over your ideas. André-Marie Ampère verbalized the word cybernetics in 1834. Cyberneticians started to destroy education near 1900. Your government goes so far as to encourage you to use cocaine in order to make you docile and without memory and to confiscate your driver's license to demoralize you even more. In France, you can find cocaine in tap water. They also trade organs stolen to young patients or prisoners which they think will become political enemies. They did this to Gildas in Besançon around 2006, they said it was a suicide but his hands were tied behind his back in his prison cell. They stole his organs during the fake autopsy. All his body was covered with sewing. Today, organ trafficking is trivialized by journalists. I am proud to be considered as a terrorist in the masonic system. My sincere intention is to kill them all so that we can become humans again. Yes, most people obey modern fascists because it looks fun to be corrupt and to sell cocaine after watching TV and Netflix series. You will never again get any reliable information on TV. Netflix is bankrupt because they obey governments which asked them to block VPNs. Google is bankrupt. Apple is bankrupt, they spy on all your SMS with secret agreements with telecom companies pretending iMessages could not work otherwise, their ISO is now 15GB of spywares. Meta is bankrupt. Ebay is bankrupt. Microsoft is bankrupt, you need to install a language pack to install a keyboard, their ISO is now 5.5GB of spywares. All commonly known internet giants are submitted to the total surveillance secret fascism. This is why intelligence services are not capable to kill anymore. They need to intoxicate cops to do so but they always fail because they are never paid but accused then corrupted. If you fear fascists, you are a fascist that I will kill. I am not a voice in your head, I am a real person with real lethal weapons.



The NWO pricks needed to corrupt the whole society because they believe in the order ab chaos. They let mafias believe they sell mind control to Liliputian pricks who need to project themselves through someone else because of lack of confidence. Rich people now try to play Quake with poor people. They are the victims of their own game of lie. All of this is part of the NWO plan, which is partially successful by eliminating all his troops. Watch your physical layer. Free techno is not chaos, behave. The Leviathan has been freed and is on the dancefloor holding a shot of Mr. Pink flambé with cognac crack cocaine. 20 years in nothing in the life of a Leviathan.



Take a deep breath, download this logo or open it in a new tab and watch it for about 5 to 10 minutes:






This website aims to be mind control proof. This mind control is carried out since the 50's (prehistory), via satellites interfaced from the NASA. Those who designed and deployed these satellites did it to infiltrate the system and because those using it would never again speak directly to people in the streets, then would forever remain far from their realities and then would be incapable to make an informed decision again. Many Iridium satellites have been deployed around 1984 (history), each of these satellites allegedly allows to control 10,000 targets with neurophonic phonon laser gamma rays. On 12.22.2017 (contemporary art, you cannot catch riches), the third "ritualistic" layer of satellite-based mind control has been deployed via SpaceX. It is either called Blue Beam project or the sound and light apocalypse. Blue Beam project and the New World Order are two sides of the same absurd plot. Each of the new O3B satellites is said to allow to control several hundred thousand of targets simultaneously with the same phonon laser neurophonic gamma rays which broadcasts synthetic and recorded silent voices to trigger cognitive biases driven by artificial intelligence. The Targeted Individual (T.I.) is better influenced when his own voice is sent in his head with phonon lasers. The volume is minimal so that the T.I. interprets it as his own thoughts. The satellite-based phonon laser mind control adjusts itself with the data collected on the networks, in particular the cell phone networks. Phonons are light particles which get converted to ultrasounds when hitting our bodies. The brain perceives these ultrasounds directly as with a neurophone. These phonon lasers are in the gamma ray band, which is why they pass through everything. Only semiconductor shields like graphite can deflect them. The reduced graphene oxide hydrogel biotechnology makes people more sensitive to phonons. Smartphones are the devices that give the most accurate information because there are many sensors: sound, video, ultrasensitive gyroscopic positioning which also measures magnetic fields, proximity, bluetooth, wifi, GSM, etc. To have peace of mind, you have to extract yourself from the matrix and/or get rid of any nearby sensor. SIM cards, ID cards, passports and RFID chips also allow your positioning by triangulation of filtered and demodulated electromagnetic fields. 80% of the global population are said to obey the targets of this mind-control. The most receptive targets are said to be ventriloquized with these phonon laser neurophonic signals when they tell simultaneously what the laser says. Everything is made for the people to ignore the work of Patrick Flanagan. The slaves working in the mind control industry are mainly recruited from fake Luciferian sects of double-agents, they have no physical contact nor payment from their masters. Telecom providers are aware of this phenomenon and are the main pivot which allows the deployment of satellite-based mind-control and the collection of your personal data (DNS requests coupled with GSM triangulation, Big Data and remote control of any smartphone through the GSM chipset). The perpetrators use high definition electromagnetic imaging that allows visualization of their targets inside any building and gathering of their conversations. These sects also infiltrated and monopolized early childhood education and entertainment by conditioning their agents with an unipolar view of a so-called religion of love which makes them unable to understand irony and cynicism. Rumor says NSA and the Chinese secret police, using quantum supercomputers, would have been trying demodulating our brain waves for more than ten years via GSM cell phone chipsets, chipsets that have well-documented security flaws (see link below). The truth is these intelligence services openly made decisions based on the informations provided by mentalists and other people hearing phonon lasers. THEY DO NOT READ YOU THOUGHTS FROM YOUR SMARTPHONE, THEY GATHER INFORMATION WITH ALL THE SMARTPHONES AROUND YOU TO SEND YOU TAILORED SILENT VOICES WHICH YOU MISINTERPRET AS YOUR THOUGTS. THEY ARE ONLY CAPABLE TO SEND YOU BACK YOUR OWN BRAIN WAVES TO SIMULATE BRAIN READING, THEY STILL CANNOT DECODE IT. IF YOU MISINTERPET AS YOUR OWN THOUGHTS A CRIMINAL IDEA SENT VIA PHONON LASER, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL UNDER THE NEW WORLD ORDER LAW WHICH IS ILLEGAL.



"When he asked how to convince everybody that the pandemic is real, I told him to tell people to act like it is real."






The perpetrators appear to originally be the oldest rich families like Rothschild which created and manipulated the illuminati network. Indeed, cybernetics were studied and deployed through this network which also keeps monopoly over the psychiatric misleading doctrine. The bloodlines manipulating the illuminati had to hire uneducated people for their dark operations so that they can tell them legends. These uneducated people are manipulated to believe they are in power and that it changes hands. They did everything to keep the best energy and brain technologies for themselves. You can easily see they hacked Google and Apple since the beginning but Google has a better state of mind and is younger. You are safe as soon as you keep calm but nothing will be done about these satellites before you revolt violently. There would be several thousand billionaires playing Civilization with phonon lasers mounted on satellites. About 250,000 other people would also work with phonon lasers to enforce the New World Order plot. They would have enough lasers to target all people on the known earth. Each O3B laser would allow to target 1,000 people simultaneously. Some of the billionaires playing Civilization pretend to feel scammed because they have not been informed that they could be caught, that a gamma ray phonon laser influence all the people on its path and that the New World Order plot integrates them in a highly profitable manner. They also pretend people have been informed of this during the 1950s but did not believe it. There would be several thousand billionaires playing Civilization with phonon lasers mounted on satellites. About 250,000 other people would also work with phonon lasers to enforce the New World Order plot: They would have enough lasers to target all people on our known world. Each O3B laser would allow to target 1,000 people simultaneously. Some of the billionaires of the New World Order plot might have already migrated under the 33rd parallel defined according to the Big Earth theory. For more informations about mind-control, you can check my social networks (Telegram, YouTube, TikTok), in French for now. You can also watch the following video by clicking its link:






http://024725476172/niP9wnkV2B?= (anti-censorship link)



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If you prefer not to read, you can watch the playlist below where I tell my story in videos. But it is in French and it is not complete (beware of what I say about archive.org, their security is not sufficient, only use it with Firefox and a plugin which allows to check the TLS version like "indicatetls" because there are a lot of MITM attacks). Anyway, you always take less biases while reading.






If you want to check that you master the basics of Internet browsing, you can read this page:






If you cannot access the links, I recommend to encrypt your internet traffic.



The Internet is a battlefield but it has always been more secure than television. Know that the internet is under fascist control with MITM attacks. This allows the NWO pricks to isolate pivot people in a tailored reality where some contents are not accessible nor displayed in the search engine, according to the users calculated identity. For example, web hosting technicians could verbalize orally, with a smartphone in their pocket, informations about me, in order for the other team to trigger a MITM attack between me and archive.org for saving a previous website version, I observe this since 02222022. I need to clean my browser cache and change the server with my VPN client in order to make a real capture in the internet reality I access. This is automated since the beginning, before new tools are marketed. The only way to access internet without interruption is to keep on doing methodological diagnostics. NWO pricks obviously tracked my VPN account because I had my Untraceable smartphone when I went near the post office with my figurehead to get a prepaid credit card for the first step "not to follow behavior" of my Untraceable security research proof of concept project. I posted a picture of the car´s spy on my Instagram. I recommended digitalattackmap.com in 2021 for you to get the picture but Google apparently shut down the service. Make sure to always keep this page open by opening links in new tabs, because you might be the target of browser or DNS cache poisoning when you go back to the previous page. You will observe that Brave is particularly vulnerable. Don't worry, your data is safe. Do not fall in the trap of deleting all your data by yourself because of harassement techniques that make you believe you have a virus in your device. When you will have enough time, secure your device with this guide:






A good practice is to keep all your files on removable drives, except maybe virtual machines for better performance. Do not forget to deactivate file indexation for removable drives. After a few years of shame you will certainly consider compiling your sources.



If you checked that the https:// is present at the beginning of the URL and that your browser has no error with the certificate of legacktem.com, you can trust what is written on legacktem.com. If you still have a doubt, read from the beginning again, click on all the links and understand their content. If you see something that shocks you, take a screenshot or print the page to a pdf file. Please note that MITM attacks are common with this website.



----- End of User Manual -----


My name is Camille Planat, I was born on June 3, 1984 in Besançon. I chose to be a Muslim in order to get Thawabs. I am here to tell you my story. First you'll think I'm crazy, then you'll hate me, then you'll understand. I did my best to make things accessible to everyone.


I probably still don't understand the full significance of my testimony. It is the collective intelligence that will allow it.


My memories were not very clear so far, I modified the previous text accordingly. It was like a puzzle, I had forgotten most of the events I'm going to tell you about, I only had flashbacks, I gradually put them back in order. You might find the previous versions on archive.org, at the bottom of the page. Read the present version first.


Here is how, through some mental programming, I participated in the biggest mass manipulation operation in the history of humanity.


My father, Michel Planat, was born 33 years before me, on August 5, 1951. The Blue Beam SpaceX launch described above happened 33 years after 1984, on December 22, 2017. My destiny was to be disobedient. The first known layer of satellite-based mind control appeared to be liberal but led to the deployment of the second known layer in 1984, called Big Brother by George Orwell, which led me to do mistakes during my childhood. This second layer clearly appeared to be fascist. The third layer appears to be even more fascist with its AI-driven synthetic neurophonic silent voices which drives disobedient and obedient people to do mistakes, but, it is for the good because humanity has progressed. This third layer prepares us to the new world. The war is in our brains, when a target like me is guided through human voices, the adversary resamples these voices in real-time to make the target believe the contrary of what the human voices say. 50% of truth is an absolute maximum.


I browsed the Internet from about 4 years old in the CNRS laboratory where my father was working. I browsed the Internet with Altavista on a Sun station running Unix. My mother broke up with my father and left the house when I was 5.


At about 5 or 6 years old, I learned from my father that it was possible to manipulate people with electromagnetic waves. My father, his new girlfriend Evelyne Wolgemuth and I, were in the kitchen of the Tilleroyes farm. He told me it was impossible to resist. This upset me a lot and I said that I would never submit to anyone. My father offered me to observe. I was able to measure currents with an iron sieve and a multimeter set to millivolts.


At about 7 or 8 years old, I read on the Internet that fascists were deploying satellites to erase our cerebral memory. I remember the highly suspicious reaction on my father when I told him. I remember that my father used the expression of "conspiracy theory" while trying to make me believe I misinterpreted what I read about the satellites, we were in his office in the CNRS laboratory. We later swore with some of my friends to never forget this. But we forgot. The expression and concept of "conspiracy theory" are a mind-blocking neurovirus. All you have to do is source your assertions with serious publications and do a little epistemology so as not to be called a conspiracy theorist by people who still have a little of common sense and curiosity. legacktem.com is conspiracy practice, not theory.


My father seems to have been corrupted from an early age. Indeed, at school he was the laughingstock of many boys. This made him progressively a jealous, deceitful and easily manipulated person as he rarely tried to go out of his comfort zone. He later voluntarily made children with a woman with a chromosomal problem in the probably highly conscious hopes of being able to manipulate her and that their future children who would be less intelligent than me because he officially estimated having failed with me while he dreamed of having a genius before that.


From the moment my half brother Evariste was born, I was 7, my father made me feel I was no longer part of the family and I was the cause of all their problems. This is called a projection. He never tried to apologize, he just told me I was right when he fought with his new wife. He only acted all his life as nothing happened, hoping me to forget and trying to reduce anyone criticizing him. This is why he only regressed from that time and became the perfect obscurantist example not to follow. A future genius cannot be obedient, he would never become a genius, my father partially assumed that around 35 to 40 years old.


According to my uncle Denis, my mother was the smartest woman he had ever met. The problem is that she has always been dishonest with herself and with others, without being able to assume her positions on society. Despite everything, she gave me some good basics such as reading and politeness. Honesty has nothing to do with submission. Those who think the contrary are stooges and become progressively obscurantists larvae. I call obscurantists those who obscure your world to keep advantage over you. They become larvae because they fear the light. This is why they need to be very discrete and cannot harm someone remaining in the light. I do not care about your opinion, I do not pretend to be right, only obscurantists do that and then accuse you of the same by a transference mechanism. In French, the word "convaincre" (convince), has a crystal clear alchemic meaning: "vaincre les cons" (win over idiots).


At about 14 years old, I started to intoxicate all the people potentially listening to my conversations and all the people asking me unjustified questions.


At 15 years old, I bought a cell phone and subscribed to a mobile plan under my name. I started to observe that my conversations and thoughts leaked. The explanation of this is that my cell phone provided my position to the Iridium phonon laser satellite system and I misinterpreted the phonon laser neurophonic dialogue as my own thoughts.


Later, at about 16, I read on the Internet and accessed patents on inventions allowing to make hear voices in people's heads. I spread this noise several times hoping that one day we could place ourselves before the unscrupulous pioneers who were already taking advantage of it. This information had already been public for a long time, trying to place it under the seal of secrecy was generating serious societal unrest. People told me I would destroy the entire society by documenting this aside from the worse plots on the Web if I could keep the website available. I started to intoxicate the New World Order plot perpetrators potentially listening to my conversations. The same year, we had a discussion with Christophe Hugueny about this. I explained to him that we would be later infiltrated because of the New World Order plot. I will introduce him to Aurélie Oliveira around 2005. Cindy will meet Raphael Petitcolin around 2017.

One day, I was in a store looking at products with no intention of stealing, and I felt the "ray of fear", it pissed me off, and I did stole for revenge, saying out loud that if they arrested me I would denounce them. I knew the use of the ray of fear was documented on the Internet. I have said this to many people. Bringing the perpetrators to me was a good way to trap them in order to integrate the sound and light apocalypse.


I was 16, 22 years later I would be 38, in 2022.

Between 16 and 20 years old, I understood what were the main problems in society. I always believed and confirmed that most people were reasonable. I explained to my friends that the society was sick and I did not want to participate the same way as most people. I would enter society to better understand it and to be able to participate in its change it without too much effort. My plan was to submit to mind control for a while, just the time to learn the same language as educated people so that I could come back to the street and be able to translate and make something profitable to educated and uneducated people. I wanted to make people accept free energy. I also promised to my friends that I would write a mind-control dictionary, I lived near the Léo-Lagrange stadium in Besançon, so I was about 20. I realized relational databases were not capable of handling enough data in a real time application like mind control. I spread I was looking for the mind control data model.


I tried to use cocaine on my 18th birthday and I lost my memory about all af this. I only woked up sometimes, as told on this page.




During the winter of 2008-2009, while I was living in Switzerland in the Valais, my friends David Grosperrin, Christophe Hugueny and Aurélie Oliveira visited me. We went out to Sion in a bar then we came back to sleep. I slept on the sofa and my friends slept on my bed. I heard a loud voice in my head, that voice claimed to be God, that voice told me that I had to quit smoking and that way everything would be better for me. I found this suspicious and continued to smoke. Maybe my friends or other people had broken into my house to install a neurophone probably coupled with a magnetron to amplify the signal, maybe not, anyway we will find out sooner or later. I remember I asked Aurelie to empty her bag on the bed in the morning, she had a particular object documented as a Directional Microwave EMP Rifle (PARTIAL KIT) which I think is simply a GPS beacon. I put back the object on the bed.




I was advised about the Apple path which ends with a particular data recovery software hard to find in cracked version (see https://t.me/eamadit). The same person told me Lacrim encountered the same problems as me. The last time I saw them, I guess they were suspicious, they tried to trick me with an "out of the matrix fear in front of men in black" but I made me angry and I ran after them.


In the summer of 2009, I needed money to repair my car and then sell it. My client offered me to invest money to bring back some weed, I ended up accepting (see loyalty of the proof). I went to Switzerland and brought back a few bags of poor quality weed. I gave him his bags and asked him to keep two more for me, promising to pick them up the next day. Two days later, he called me, looking very worried. I went to see him, the day before people had come wearing hoods to steal his things but they didn't see my two large trash bags in the kitchen. I picked them up and left. I sold them and was able to get my car repaired.


One evening in the fall of 2009, I went to a rave party with two friends, Matthieu Favret and Cedric N'Guyenthi. The party took place about an hour and a half from Besançon. I was driving my sky blue 106 XSI. We arrived after dark. The sound was laid in a clearing. The vehicles were parked in disorder along the logging road. There were about one hundred and fifty people.


While we were chatting with a friend, I saw a guy aiming a big camera at us. He was only a few meters from us. I quickly approached him, calling out to him. He immediately fled. I ran after him calling him a dirty cop and then he took refuge behind a group of people. They blocked my way, asking me to calm down, like in a fight. After all, I just wanted to assert my image rights. But the photographer escaped me, it seemed that these people were his friends. I remember the face of a girl I saw later.


A little later, while we were in the same place as the photo, a pretty girl dressed in khaki came to ask me for something to put in her water pipe. It seemed like a pretext to come talk to me. She had a high-pitched voice, with an innocent, almost childlike tone. I wasn't selling anything, I just had a few joints. I offered to smoke one with me instead of intoxicating herself with her disgusting water pipe. The people next to us were talking about music, that's when I remembered a concert that took place the following month, on November 27, 2009, at the Moulins de Brainans. I told them about it in glowing terms.


Photo story aside, we had a great evening. We left in the early morning by the side roads to avoid the police roadblock.


The following month I went to the said concert with two other friends. The headliner was Wax Taylor, with opening act Doctor Flake. During the concert, I felt watched by a girl behind me. I spoke to her at the end. We went outside for a smoke to get to know each other, and then she gave me her number. She told me her name was Elsa Moino. I called her back the same evening when I left the concert. On the phone she sounded different and distant, like she was someone else.


The following Monday or Tuesday I received a text message from her. After a few exchanges of messages, she offered to join her in a bar with her friends. This bar was called Brass'éliande, place Jouffroy in Besançon. I went there. His friends looked at me defiantly. I felt uncomfortable. We went outside to smoke a cigarette. Then she asked me to finish the aperitif at my next door neighbor, Place de la Révolution.


The friend who had given me the lease of the apartment had suspicions about this neighbor. I stayed there for about an hour. I then walked Elsa downstairs. She kissed me languidly.


One evening in December 2009, a friend was organizing a party where I was invited. Elsa was also invited but I didn't go. I stayed home. She called me from a different phone number and told me that it was her number when I asked her about it. She wanted to join me after the party. I accepted. When I opened the door, I didn't recognize her. The pretty young woman pretended to be Elsa. Captivated by her beauty, I still received her at home. She had brought leftover punch in a small plastic bottle. I drank it with her.


We discussed several topics, I don't remember everything. I said in particular that Besançon was a lost hole. She advised me to go to Nantes, she said that I would like it there, that it was a beautiful city with a different mentality, much more open. She told me she has Israeli and Argentinian origins.


I started feeling an effect similar to the Ecstasy. I asked her what substance she had put in that bottle. She denied that the beverage contained drugs. She was sitting on my bed, I was across from her on my desk chair, between us was the coffee table. She asked me to come next to her. Then we made love. Afterwards, she asked me if I was interested in working as an undercover drug agent. I gently explained to him that it was not my style and that I respected the profession of drug dealer. I also explained to her that you cannot trust the hierarchy when you are undercover.


When I told her I was thirsty, she went into the kitchen to fill me a glass of water, taking her purse. I suspected she was going to put drugs in it. After she returned from the kitchen, I took advantage of the fact that she wasn't looking to swap the glasses, which were identical. When she started feeling the effects of the drugs, she started giving me information about herself and her alleged sister, Elsa. She told me that the drug put in the glass was a mixture of GHB and Rohypnol.


She told me that she and her sister used to swap their lovers without their knowledge, to drive them crazy, and neither of them had ever realized it. The day a man would make the difference between the two sisters, it would be the man of her life. Her sister was a nosy, not her. It was the mnemonic link that allowed me to recover my memory afterwards.


She claimed that her sister worked in the police and that all her friends, whom I had met at the bar and at my neighbor's house, were undercover cops. She told me that she overheard a discussion between her sister and her friends. According to this discussion, I was under investigation. She gave me the name of an informant or an undercover agent in my friends, the client I told you earlier (I will realize this later). I replied that it made no sense given how little I was dealing with. Indeed, I was selling some weed but it did not deserve an investigation and even less an infiltration. I was supposed to get arrested for a deal of only 200 grams, which would take place with this informant or agent, a few months later.


I told her that I had nothing to fear and that I was tired. She told me that I had something in my eye and that she wanted to put some eye drops on me. She asked me to tilt my head back and took a small flask from her bag. She emptied it into my mouth and held my head back to force me to swallow. I pulled her away and went to the toilet to try to vomit. Back from the toilet, I fell on the floor. She started to panic and feel guilty. I went back to throw up.


She did everything to keep me awake. She wanted me to remember that one day I would go to Nantes to undergo mental programming to become an angel of the apocalypse, that I had RFID chips between each vertebra and that they thought of me to be the president of the world. I was really sleepy, I told her she could stay sleeping but she had to wake me up before I left so I could lock the door.


I woke up around ten o'clock, she was on the balcony. She took her things and then she left. Going down the stairs, she told me that her name was Aurélie and that she lived in Lyon. I went back to sleep, woke up the next day having forgotten everything.


A few days later, Elsa invited me to come to her house, there was her roommate and another friend of hers. They took pictures of me with a professional camera pretending to look at the pictures that were inside. Later we went to bed, I had sex With Elsa, it was a totally different experience, she seemed to suffer more than to take pleasure, before going to bed I hid the keys to my apartment in my shoe. When I woke up, Elsa was gone, it was Aurélie who was there. I accompanied her to her bus. When I woke up, I thought it was another woman who was there (perhaps the real Aurélie). I accompanied her on her bus. Either Elsa has multiple personality disorder or there are three women in this story.


I began to project myself into a relationship with Elsa because I no longer remembered Aurélie and it was with the latter that I was in love. So I thought I was in love with Elsa.


One evening at the end of December, I went to a friend's house, there were a few other people. I called Elsa, I wanted to see her but she was not available because she was already with a friend. I asked her where she was but she got mad and kicked me, saying I was too intrusive.


Sad, I went home and then mixed with my Soundtracs console, the saddest of my compositions:




The following days I was at the bottom of the abyss, I tried to contact Elsa but she did not want to see me. I went to her house and made her roommate understand that she had to come see me otherwise I was going to do something stupid. It was Aurélie who came to my house a few days later, I knew she was not Elsa but it was still unconscious for me. She left without eating, we were both sad.


A few months later, in the spring of 2010, I went to deliver the 200 grams of weed, when I pressed the bell at the bottom of the building I had a flashback. I went up, he paid me. I left again. The next day I remembered that his name was the same than the one heard by Aurélie in the conversation between Elsa and her friends. I went back to see him to get the bag because it had my fingerprints on it, we had to search the trash can to find it. We chatted on the balcony, I told him I felt I was under investigation. He told me about a friend of him whose profession was an undercover agent in this kind of business. I then left.


That same evening, I went out into town. When I got home, I remembered the rest of the evening with Aurélie. I realized that I had fallen in love with a woman I had forgotten. It was very disturbing, I didn't understand what had happened, this story of an undercover agent didn't make sense. I no longer remembered that she had told me that I was going to Nantes to undergo mental programming and that they thought of me to be the president of the world. I had to go in Nantes only when I would be ready. This memory was only sometimes accessible to me. It became permanent once I wrote it on paper. What I lived is a form of neurohacking:


https://youtu.be/jZtT7-KHMII (I will find a English video soon)


In early 2011, I remixed and remastered "Torture" and "Les apôtres de l'apocalypse" and released them on Myspace. As my view counter started to climb, Myspace, which had been bought by Rupert Murdoch, released an update to its interface which ended its popularity and stopped my view counter. Since that date, almost no one uses Myspace anymore. In the summer 2010, I worked as a security guard at Domaine de la Bastide Blanche (Bolloré Group), near Saint-Tropez. While being neuromodulated in order to speak or not to speak, I informed some of the participants at the anniversary of Cyril Bolloré that I had in mind to influence the sound and light apocalypse.


Later, in 2012, while I was doing my Master 2 internship in a law firm in Nice, I saw Aurélie (the alleged sister of Elsa), twice on my way to work. I always cycled through the Promenade des Anglais because I lived in L'Arianne and I worked near the airport. One Friday I passed her on a bike, she was going the other way. The following Monday I met her again, she was always going the other way, I recognized her perfectly, there was no longer any possible doubt, I also recognized her voice in her effort to pedal. I really regret not being able to stop, it was stronger than me, I've never pedaled so fast, I had flashbacks.


In September 2012, I started to write my Master 2 thesis, I was connected to the FreeWifi network with a Windows computer and I was constantly under attack on the ARP protocol (ARP spoofing), obviously someone wanted to prevent me from working. Every night, no matter what time I went to bed, I heard the same van leave. I was forced to install Linux with ArpON without really knowing if it was effective. In any case, I was able to finish my work and obtain my diploma.


In the spring of 2013, I filed an application at School 42 after my father told me about their project. In the summer of 2013, I completed several sessions of online examination and was selected for the recruitment pool in September 2013. I then participated in this recruitment pool which lasted one month. I met Marc Hamen and encouraged him to continue his work on free energy in the hope to later escape the matrix. I was blacklisted during this pool. I informed many students about the project of sound and light apocalypse. I shared the idea of simulating bugs in harassement activities. I also shared a special putstr C language function which had a strange behavior even though it was written exactly the same way as the original function. I gradually lost a big part of my memory during this pool. At the first exam, all students failed with 0 over 20 points. The week before the last examination, I met a woman in a bar. The next week, we had a dinner together. The day of the examination, she told me she no longer wanted to communicate with me. I got 8 over 20 points because I left the examination before finishing, I was affected emotionally with the broke up with that woman.




After or during the 42 recruiting pool, on September 28, 2013:


I was probably drugged with scopolamine. The office was narrow, the ceiling rather low. He was convinced that everything was going to collapse, not me. He claimed to perform mental programming. I told him that I was doing the programming, not him. He didn't mention his name. So I'm going to call him George. I had fun scaring him by pretending to be a magician. I spouted fanatical speech to make him think I was inside his head and he was under my control. People are gullible, they have been conditioned from childhood. It is easy to impress them when you know their imagination and their esoteric beliefs. He started to look worried, I reassured him that I was joking. I knew very well what kind of people he was working for and why I was there. However, I was only a young man trying to raise awareness. I was way too curious about those kinds of people. I was too well acquainted with their projects and their methods. He said we were listened to.


I alternately addressed Georges and the people I thought he represented. I decided to let them believe they could get rid of me. When I used aggressive language, I told him that I was not saying this for him but that I was speaking, through him, to the people above him. I asked him if he was a cop or a thug, he said thug, thinking that was the right answer. After all I was relatively anti-system in my youth.


We started talking more sincerely. I asked him if he knew how to read. He answered no, a little bit. I started to present things how I see it. I offered him to collaborate. After all, fate had brought us there. We were in a position to change things. He hesitated to believe me but he chose to play my game. Know that collapsology is a triple use scam, because if we accept that collapse is inevitable, then we lose all hope and we no longer attach importance to posterity. That's what I was trying to explain to him in other words. We agreed on the means but not on the end.


He said we were in 2019, a virus pandemic had killed most people on earth. I did not believe him but I played the game. We discussed how they would stage the sound and light apocalypse and what the outcome would be. I agreed that too many of us on earth lived like this. We had to change our habits and take care of our environment. For him it was impossible, for me it needed a shock. This is the shock strategy that we discussed together. I asserted that it was possible to change everything without destroying everything. He let me continue, thinking to use my strategy sometimes to change everything by limiting the losses, sometimes to change everything by appropriating everything. We agreed on the means but not on the end.


I felt that Georges was playing a double game, so I made him believe that they couldn't wait any longer, that it was the last moment to trigger their plan because too many people understood the reality of their world. I gave him a wink. I thus thought that the premature triggering of this plan would cause awareness throughout the world. I thought the longer we waited, the less people would be able to cope. I told him that the GSM network had to be migrated to a directional beam millimeter wave telecommunications system in order to be able to target people, the idea I had in mind was to have the missing link in the work of Stanley Meyer.


In any case, the sound and light apocalypse had been planned for a long time. We both knew that. We had to find a way to change the way things were done. We had to find a way to change the outcome. Among the masters of the world, some wanted to reduce the population. The easiest and cheapest was to use biological weapons. That way they could have cut the losses and made it their own. But humans are resilient. Life adapts, our immune system works on this principle of adaptation. Even more effective than a virus would be the fear of a virus. I told him he just had to hack virologists to make them see any coronavirus as the threat. When he asked how to convince everybody that the pandemic is real, I told him to tell people to act like it is real.




Whatever the strategy, there would be people to follow it and profit from it. Why not enjoy it ? It was enough to let them organize the light and sound apocalypse to knock them out of the woodwork. Then we could identify them and punish them. At the same time we could punish those who take advantage of it. That would already do a lot of cleaning. We needed to find the real people, those who have a sense of duty. Not those who are content to obey an authority that seems superior to them. Ours were going to have to pretend to pretend to pretend... That way we could see who's doing what.


Georges told me that my entourage was going to suffer from corruption attempts, I replied that it would allow sorting out. They were already using remote neuromodulation systems. According to Georges, they were at least capable of triggering an urge such as urinating or smoking. They were also able to make voices heard, I claimed to be able to tell the difference between an artificial voice and a real voice thanks to reverberation.  I made him believe that everyone was practicing voice synthesis in mind control in order to make everyone doubt. He also told me that they could inject thoughts, I said that was no problem since I would always have the choice whether to believe those thoughts or not. In some circles, this is called synthetic telepathy.


Georges told me that they would transmit me conversations about me from a satellite in order to give me the impression he gave me something. This way I would be tempted to believe what is said in my head with phonon laser. This mental programming session served the legend to solidify Blue Beam intoxications.


We talked about chemicals, nanotechnology, drugs, vaccines, etc. The worse people have the worse intentions, they use and will use these products to harm, to diminish people, to dominate them, etc. To be able to do this they rely on the beliefs and intentions of the people they use. If they are people who want to help people and tell them the truth, then they make them believe that these products are good for them. If they are people who want to help people without telling them the truth, then they are making them believe that these products are not so bad. If they are people who don't care about people, then they lure them with what interests them.


To reverse the plots, it would be necessary to use the same weapons but to do the opposite. We should make bad people think our intentions are bad and do the opposite of what they want. That is to say, make poisons that heal, make decrease tools that increase, make control tools that release, etc.


The people who hurt the most are often the ones who suffer the most. Why not help them to suffer less instead of eliminating them? God is great, he rewards wisdom and sometimes forgiveness.


Georges told me that I was very famous and that the view counters on streaming platforms were tampered with and that you had to pay or be pushed to get views. That's when I told him that I would release an album worldwide on 02.22.2022 and that it would have zero views, to go even further than the artists who have billions of views. We also discussed how Rap should evolve to remain the most controversial and listened music.


I was there in particular because I had understood and repeated that NASA was sucking up huge budgets to give false images to the public. I had also understood that the satellite images of the world were mostly edited and it became very difficult to distinguish true from false. Google maps satellite images were also edited and were different from satellite images published by space agencies. It is still the same today. We cannot accept being fed that there is too many satellites and not being able to check it. I was also aware of and concerned about ABC's proposed acquisition of Google. ABC had a Luciferian bent with their hooli.xyz easter egg which can be seen at archive.org. Either ABC ran a misinformation campaign to make it appear that hoolie.xyz is actually hooli.xyz, or malicious people deployed attacks to get some Internet users to find hoolie.xyz instead of hooli.xyz.


Georges explained to me that there were different groups who wanted to take advantage of the next planned pandemic, as it had been attempted in 2009 with the so-called H1N1 virus which the French had not believed. I had already read that virology was biased and that there were attempts to market mRNA vaccines. The risk was that vaccinated people would integrate animal genes from animal culture cells used by virologists who had long since broken the virus isolation standard.


On top of that, some groups wanted to use the vaccines to inject nanotechnology and biotechnology. Georges did not know what their real intentions were because some integrated the strategies of others. I told Georges that we had to let them all do their thing so that one group wouldn't take more power than another. He told me about microcircuits, I advised him that only young people could manage this. He also wanted to know the best way to control the intelligence services. To be politically correct, I told him he just had to push compartmentalization by arguing security and confidentiality issues. Indeed, the C.I.A. taught this technique their "asset" Osama Bin Laden, alias Tim Osman, in order for the agents to be able to hijack terrorists cells communications by playing a double game. Intelligence would never accept being trapped such way. Today, this compartmentalization has been pushed to its climax. People who work in intelligence cells are intoxicated by other cells without knowing that they are being intoxicated. They are tricked into believing that there are many other layers of truth below their own in a way that isolates them into different beliefs than the audience. It is true that there are layers but we must first act where possible. The United States of America are very affected by this problem. Communications between cells are often spoofed. This is the main flaw of compartmentalization. I think it is a loss of time and energy to believe in something I cannot verify, except the existence of God and the possible presence of an attacker placed before me. This is why the top secret is a societal cancer. As long as secrecy exists, no matter what bullshit we tell our agents, they will always be more reasonable than their superiors who told them.


Georges asked me if I had things to hide or vices. The conversation made me understand that I was attacked with mind-control technologies when I used drugs. I discussed with several people about cocaine effects and found nothing coherent without mind-control explaining it. I read on the internet that many educated people had erectile dysfunction when using cocaine. According to my own research, uneducated people were less prone to erectile dysfunction when using cocaine. I told him that I liked masturbating when using cocaine. This way, I would be sure to be attacked with the mind-control when using cocaine. I used cocaine again in 2017 and I could never appreciate it after that. Evil, I always had these silent voices when using it and I understood this way how mind-control works (phonon lasers mounted on satellites).


He wanted to know how a conspirator willing to make people idiot would do. I told him he should force people to wear surgical masks like in Asia. I was thinking it would limit facial recognition.


We also talked about cannabis producers. I advised the producers, through Georges, to offer products screened several times and to indicate the strain of the plant and size of the mesh. This is a way to promote Moroccan craftsmanship. The people of the French government do not legalize cannabis on the pretext of a fear that young people in the suburbs will revolt. I rather believe that they are held by the balls. They repeatedly tried to make it look like CBD was banned. If we legalize, Moroccan producers will be able to adapt because they are not afraid of corrupt people who would like to monopolize the market. But the evil people will not be able to swap batches so easily.






I asked Georges if he could infiltrate me into the illuminati, he replied that he could get me into the WHO, I told him that it was "already not bad", that would allow me to see how it works. I also had to know perfectly how the Internet works, an experience at the root was desirable. George told me that my role was to participate in revealing all the manipulations that would lead to the pandemic and that all the most relevant conversations concerning me would be retransmitted to me so that I could adjust my communication on the Internet. I had previously made him take the bias that I overestimated my computer skills.




I told him to leak the recording of the conversation. Also, I had to wake up in time to trigger the plan, on 02/22/2022, I would have to be put on the track for me to regain my memory. We discussed how the conversation should be leaked, it would have been ideally implanted in artificial dreams. I realized that the discussion we had took me out of the matrix I was living in. If I wrote my story, everyone who read it would have a chance to break out of their matrix. We should help them with neuromodulation.


Georges told me that everyone might want to talk to me, that it would become unbearable for me. I told him that people should leave me alone. I thus set a trap for those who would like to isolate me from the rest of the world because they would use this pretext to maintain my isolation and monopolize the fruits of my work.


We discussed my salary. I didn't want a fortune because I was going to have to lead by example. The most reasonable according to him was a disability pension. I asked him the amount of the pension, he replied that it would be around 3000 euros monthly. He also asked me what car I dreamed of. I wanted an Aston Martin.


I asked him how the mind control system worked technically. He told me it was a kind of augmentation. I knew it was a reduction tool, not an augmentation tool. I said maliciously that everybody should be augmented in order for it to be fair. I told him he had to lock himself out of the system because he would be pushed to tamper with long in tooth biases. He asked why. I said because this is the rule with the real mafiosis. I could this way trap those who would have listened to the conversation. He asked how they could do this. I answered him to just push Free Energy in mind-control. I said it was possible to do it without people to realize it. He had to find another name for it because of its bad connotation, we now call it "Overunity". I warned him that scientific and technic publication was mandatory for convincing his puppets. I acted like it was impossible for the general public to understand and accept it. He just had to infiltrate free energy groups to plan fake agendas and delay forever. At the end of their life they would discover it is already everywhere. I also said that solid state drives had power components with a COP of more than one without anyone to notice it. He asked me how to be sure I would not speak. I said "just make me sign an agreement". Do you know the Berber plot ? I used his fascination over the power of instinctive people like me and played comedy with this all along the conversation. I even made him believe he should push MAC randomization because there would be a flawed algorithm which would allow him to do special attacks. I played with the fact that his clan received my rumor according to which I always told the truth when I was high.






He suddenly ended the discussion, I looked at my hands, I realized that I was chained. Someone dragged me out of the office, I was screaming "bande de putains"... He pushed me out of the building.


Knowing that the next day I would not remember anything due to the drugs administered and the existence of remote memory erasing technologies described by Georges, I arrested someone in the street to tell him about my experience, telling him to go home as soon as possible to write everything down on a sheet of paper. I begged him not to forget. I sensed he was starting to panic so I explained to him that what he was feeling was, from what I had read on the Internet, an artificial fear generated by a technology called "ray of fear", I thought used by certain large industrialists to limit thefts but it is made via satellite-based phonon laser mind control.


We finally made videos where I described my experience. At some point, I had returned to the building where I had undergone the programming. I remember I was waiting for one of the people who was about to come back to film me. A policeman came to ask me to show him from which door I had come out. I had trouble remembering, it seemed to me that the office was in the corridor on the left but there was no door there.


I spent the whole afternoon making videos with several people, I remember lying between two cars along the sidewalk. The first videos were successful but I started crying after a while. I think I got ventriloquized, including during the programming. Indeed, I said things that are difficult to hear by people submitted to authority who have not been trained in law and therefore do not know the legal value of resistance to oppression. I finally got up to go home. I hadn't yet arrived home that I had already forgotten everything. I don't even remember arriving home.


This story is an open secret, I know very well that many people have been made aware of it at one time or another. The existence of technologies derived from the Frey effect has been documented. My testimony has been relayed and documented. I therefore have whistleblower status and the information is public. The French "secret défense" classification is therefore illegal and constitutes a crime against humanity. Likewise, the use of these weapons on citizens is a crime against humanity. The same reasoning must be held today concerning the use of nanotechnologies on populations, without their knowledge. Programming or controlling a person's brain without their knowledge is a crime against humanity. This is what the mainstream media have been doing for a very long time, everything is perfectly documented.


I'm not sure I can precisely date this experience. It seems to me that I was approaching thirty. At that time I was living in Paris. I had attended school 42 in September 2013. Shortly after, as a lawyer, I wrote contracts for the Frogans layer, a new Internet layer developed in partnership with AFNIC. Alexis Tamas has been very helpful and encouraging at the OP3FT. This is where I understood how a simple user contract could become a tool of control and domination. This project was financed by one of the Sanofi shareholders. He probably dreamed of putting the center of the Internet in Paris.


I saw this man Square Mozart, in front of my workplace (OP3FT), he was at the back of his limousine. I dared to look him in the eye. I had gone out to smoke a cigarette to see what he looked like. It looked like he had no eyes, I could only see his eye sockets because of the vehicle's shadow. I had a shiver. I knew the sordid stories that are told about these people and their supposed power. I already imagined being the prey. This was the case. I started having headaches. When I entered the meeting room, I told my collaborators that this man looked like a demon. One of them told me he had no soul, when I asked if that was true he said he was joking.


I remember going for a walk towards the Pantheon one evening in June 2014, I perceived a neuromodulation which told me that I would be buried there, it disturbed me, I did not want to believe it. All evening I was neuromodulated while walking in Paris. I stopped in front of several monuments on which were coded alchemical messages. When I got home I watched "Le Voyage Alchimique Etape 7 - Notre Dame de Paris". All the monuments in front of which I had stopped were studied in this video.




In 2017, I worked for CIMPA, a former subsidiary of Airbus sold to Sopra Steria. I did not sign any non-disclosure nor licence agreement concerning my thesis. I only signed an internship contract. I had access to Airbus premises with my badge. The specialty of this company was PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). I was responsible for developing a data model that would finally enable Industry 4.0. I'm talking about the fourth industrial revolution. I have published my work on https://legacktem.com/mémoire.pdf and on LinkedIn. All products in the aerospace industry had to have a digital twin for better agility in the design, industrialization and operation of these products. Traceability had to be complete. Today we extend the concept of product to human beings. Just watch Dassault Systèmes videos on YouTube to understand. The World Economic Forum project is based on this technology. They want to connect our brains to the Internet to better control us. This is already done in large part thanks to smartphones. It's no secret, this information is public. The missing piece so far was having bi-directional neural interfaces with enough definition to decode enough signals (1)(2)(3), (4/4), (5). But we are already doing a lot with the neurophone because we just have to capture the signals that pass near a ventriloquist to know what he is thinking. There is many ways to capture these signals, some useful tools can be found in the NSA Ant catalog leaked through Edward Snowden. There is people who believe they are demodulating brainwaves but only capture the neurophonic signals intended for the ventriloquists. Hence the expression "when it is too easy to demodulate, you are surely the goat". It is estimated that a human brain has nearly 100 billion neurons. You will not have eternal life before the complete reverse engineering of the human brain will be achieved.








At the beginning of 2018, I went to see my friend Matthieu Favret. I told him that I was perhaps going to move to Nantes. Once I was about to leave, he told me that he remembered something he wanted to tell me but always forgot. He told me that I mustn't go to Nantes because that would trigger a disaster. According to him we were angels, him me and some others born in 1984, in all we were nine angels (see O9A). If any of us went to Nantes, they would undergo mental programming to become an angel of the apocalypse. I told him that was a good reason to go there, it would allow me to find out more and to go "fuck the mess in this programming". For a long time I had been interested in secret societies, it was the perfect opportunity to understand the system and try to bypass it. This world is based on ignorance, corruption and blackmail, I dreamed of being able to help people to become aware of it and to change.




In March 2018, I therefore moved to Nantes to work as a broker in repurchase of credit. One evening, I was with two friends on the Esplanade des Traceurs de Coques. We had consumed ecstasy. We had stopped near a group of people a little younger than us. While I was chatting with someone, I heard someone on my right talking about mental programming. I immediately turned to him to ask him what he was talking about. He told me that people in Nantes were organizing mental programming rituals. I asked him how to find these people. He told me that it was very dangerous, that it was related to terrorism and that everyone who took part in it was going crazy. I insisted that he put me in touch, I remember telling him "it's my job" to convince him. I gave him my name and phone number.




It seems to me that I was coming back from a party, a little before dawn, I was in a street in Nantes, on my left there were people who were entering a kind of club, I approached to find out what it was, the man at the entrance asked me "Programming?", then I felt remotely guided, I went down the stairs.


People were coming from the right side of the room. There were people before me, a queue. At the back of the room was a platform. There was a man who had a chair bigger and higher than the others, on the right of the platform. The ceiling didn't seem very high. I remember he asked me what job I would be able to perform in a state of extreme exhaustion with hallucinations. I answered "the sound". Among the details I remember are that I should always keep my id papers with me, expect to be exfiltrated or to disappear, and that I should eventually change my identity. This strikes me as unacceptable given the enormity of the story.


During the second ceremony, people came from the left of the room. The temple included a kind of altar where people stood. The ceiling was very high, like in a church. There was also a platform.


At the third ceremony, I came in from the middle. It seems to me that it was the same temple as for the second ceremony. I don't remember seeing other people like me that time. But it seems to me that there was an audience behind me, I couldn't verify because I was standing in front of the stage and I was chemically and/or electromagnetically hypnotized like the previous times. I remember I had an electroencephalogram.


During the second ceremony, when it was my turn, I spoke in English to whoever I thought was the leader. He spoke English with the young man before me. He immediately told me that he spoke French. When he asked my name, I said, "John Connor." He replied "very funny", looking annoyed. I said that I understood that they believed or pretended to believe that they were programming prophets for their sound and light apocalypse but that they all became terrorists because that's always how it goes.


He told me that part of my memory would have to be erased and that it would come back with the help of a stimuli of my choice. This stimuli could be a sight, a sound, a smell or even a taste if I remember correctly. When he asked me what would be the stimuli that would bring back my memory, I told him "Elimination process", by Gravediggaz, articulating the American accent well on the name of the group. It amused me to scare him. He looked at me startled. That's when he started taking me seriously.


In fact I have the impression that this guy changed his strategy when he realized that I still had defense mechanisms despite the drug administered and the hypnotic state induced. It's possible that whatever he said afterwards was intoxication rather than programming. I even believe that he carried out one or more other more or less secret mental programming as part of a strategy to obfuscate his real intention, but my memories are mixed. During one of these programs, the man asked me if I recognized him, he looked a bit like Bill Gates so I asked him if he didn't have a “company called Microsoft". He did not comment. I wore an electroencephalogram.


The day I was going to listen to my stimuli I was going to regain my memory and have to explain to people how the new world order plot works until someone pays attention and finds me. The collection of evidence would then begin. The outcome would be attackers trying to stay inside people's heads through neural interfaces. I told him it was just microwaves and they couldn't read my thoughts. I was wrong.


I think that actually you can inject and read thoughts, there are several ways to do it. We can make probabilities from available data such as smartphones and connected objects. The idea of electro-compromising brain waves, especially with the help of illumination (see "retroreflector attack", US3951134A and DE10253433, seems attractive to me, but the amount of electromagnetic noise seems to me a challenge to achieve it with sufficient definition. It is also likely that an attacker repeats the signals of sources that he does not control in order to modulate his attack signals there. For a targeted emission, I had thought of using the frequency of the rfid stuck to the bone as a carrier to achieve the Frey effect. But the human body already contains natural solenoids, so it would be possible to use the resonance of an individual or an implant they carry to modulate electromagnetic signals of various frequencies into it. There also seem to be plans to use bioholography. We also hear a lot about ultrasound, which is already a widely documented and used means of making non-invasive neuromodulation.




I remember my interlocutor said "we won't be far", the savior in the Karpman triangle.


According to my interlocutor, another way would be to manipulate idiots who believe they work for counter-terrorism. These idiots would use paradoxical guns (maybe magnetrons or klystrons), insulting the target from a nearby apartment. If it is a magnetron, the gun generates a microwave field which carries the attacker's voice to the target's brain bypassing the auditory system (see cochlea, possible comparison with TETRA and its phase-locked system because the cochlea operates in phase lock). Apparently the targeted individuals would not be aware of the signals. If the conscious perceives the signals, the target believes that she is possessed and presto, psychiatry.


It is also possible that the so-called paradoxical pistols are totally inactive and given to people who believe it works, as part of an obfuscation strategy. The actual signals would be emitted from other sources. Or, the guns could serve as retroreflectors for low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF or VLF), such as those generated by the Earth, TETRA, HAARP, and GWEN. It's quite possible that those holding the guns also have implants. In this case, if the gun would be active then it would carry voices and thoughts from the attacker to the target. Even further, we could give paradoxical guns to people to whom we would tell a story. If the gun resonates a magnetic field that contains mental suggestions, these people will obey the suggestions. So they would be the targets.


But I think this story of paradoxical pistols, or mental pistols, is just intoxication. I think he listened to Gravediggaz’s song and figured I believed in those guns used by gods. He could also have told me about Ezekiel's wheel (***), but we only found it in 2020:




My interlocutor insisted on the fact that one could misunderstand my identity because the security and intelligence services of the whole world would be potentially intoxicated about me, that I was going to be the object of a real manhunt, that the torturers liked to make their victims believe that they were on a program, and that this is exactly what they were going to go through. According to him the end result was that the best attackers would end up on television to show their cruelty and remind the world that such bad people really exist and that they really claim to dominate the world with their neural interfaces. The apocalypse would only be possible if everyone was in front of the television. I asked him how he was going to get everyone to watch TV at the same time. He replied " a flu " (we were in the spring of 2018). He also told me that I was going to fall into drugs. He told me that I should tell my story once I regained my memory.


I would need a logo to tell my story, I said I wanted a sephirot tree with angel wings and marked 333. I wonder if I was not suggested to give these answers to my interlocutor. When I was preparing the release of my instrumental album, at the beginning of 2021, I found this logo on google images, it stood out from the rest of the content, shining brightly. I used it on my Facebook page and on Instagram.


My interlocutor imagined that the attackers who would stay the longest without revealing their positions were necessarily the best hackers. Having attended school 42, it seemed logical to me that some could come from there. Because one of the first things I learned was that several popular C language functions are vulnerable. The main operating systems being written in C, I let you imagine my reasoning.


One of the most interesting elements is the fact that my interlocutor was worried or pretended to be worried about what I would do when I realized that the attackers were staying at my upstairs neighbors or even all around. I had to potentially expect to see them coming out of walls, ceilings or floors. I also remember this person trying to see how I would cope if there was a siege around my house. My survival bag should be ready. This is reminiscent of the story of Mohammed Merah, the RAID agents had discovered a real battlefield in his home. He obviously placed objects all over his apartment to slow down the progress of possible attackers.


If I managed to get out of it, I would in fact be the only one who could get humanity out of the current lie. My responsibility would be to take power, I would be the only one able to enter institutions quietly because I would resist psychotronic neuromodulation. I don't think they expected me to remember that. They are certainly pursuing a goal far from my interest. The main idea seems to be the fact that they wanted to get rid of me by creating false exits to undermine my ability to react, to diminish me little by little, to distance me from my loved ones, to get me out of my sanity, gradually. But it's not, it's just a little tiring.


I think they expected or tried to make me believe that they expected me either to succeed in a putsch or an attack, or to fail, commit a crime, suffer an accident or be interned . They worried about whether or not I had an implant asking if I had had any surgeries before. They informed me that many people would try to communicate with me invisibly and that I would have no way to tell my friends from my enemies. I should sometimes "know how to follow the advice of my enemies". At the end of one of the sessions, I asked my interlocutor dismissively what the name of his secret society was. I remember he answered something like “the order of the nine angels", but I didn't quite understand at the time (see O9A).




During the same period, I found myself in a fairly large room with people claiming to be the French secret service. There may have been one or two similar programming, one attempting to bypass or recover the other. We discussed my participation in a harassment investigation. I even signed a contract without reading it telling them that anyway my consent was not free and informed since I was under the influence of drugs and/or hypnosis in a place where I had been taken against my will. The contract was on a single page and had characters I had never seen. Some people tell me it could be galactic law. Having worked on the Frogans project, I know how to recognize the characters of most languages ​​integrated into Unicode. It is better to think that these characters were a false flag. If we believe it was the extraterrestrials, we have much less chance of mobilizing our forces for the change that we must operate on Earth. In any case, training in exopolitics is very expensive. This programming was all about a recovery attempt. At the end of the session, the two men were standing side by side. I said I would tell a joke on 2/22/2022. One of the two men said "we're the aliens, don't talk about free energy." I didn't take them seriously because there's no way I'm not talking about free energy, that's what I always did:






At the beginning of the summer of 2018, I was contacted by Guillaume Reboullet, working for the Swiss subsidiary of a French IT services company called TALAN, for a job as an audiovisual technician at the World Health Organization in Geneva (in wooden language it gives: media and audiovisual engineering consultant). Although I was the only candidate, the recruitment lasted 6 months during which I waited for the contract to be signed. In reality the company was in the process of integrating an acquisition which contained a service contract with WHO. I too easily found inexpensive accommodation just at the border of France, a few meters from a small customs office. From the first day I thought I was run over in front of my house. I felt constantly spied on everywhere I went, including at work.


During this period I underwent other programming carried out by relatives, certainly programmed too to make me undergo them since they say they do not remember. It is possible to do this with hypnoprogramming, relying on a mental dissociation of the target (see MK-ULTRA and MONARCH projects).








You can also dig into Svali's testimony.


Probably between summer and fall 2018, my friend Daven Pakondji told me that he met my neighbor. The latter would have led a sect whose main activity was to drive people crazy. This neighbor would have liked to meet me, I replied that I was not interested. Later, when I spoke to Daven about this episode, he told me that he only had partial memories of it.


At the beginning of 2019, probably at the end of January, I returned from Geneva for a weekend in Besançon. I think I hit the road after work. I don't know if I went to see my mother or not. I was driving a small Alfa-Romeo that my friend Jérémy Kouzmine was supposed to sell me. But he needed it because his wife's car was being scrapped, which is why I came back to Besançon that weekend, in order to return the car. I went to Julien's apartment, near the square Saint-Amour. Julien has a medical degree but at the time he worked in a laboratory and had a day off on Fridays. We were there on a weekend evening. It seems to me that it was a Thursday. I remember parking on rue Morand. When I arrived, Julien, Raphael Petitcolin, Fabien Ott and Johnny Courbet were present. They offered me to consume a substance that we know well (supposedly LSD). At the corner of the living room table, there was a glass that contained some. I drank it. When I started to feel the effects, we went to chat in the next room with Raphael, Fabien and Johnny. I leaned on the kitchen bar on the living room side. They were all three in front of me, kitchen side. Julien had remained on the sofa in the other room. The discussion began as follows: Fabien spoke, he claimed that all three had remembered a rumor that people often died above my house. However, none of the three remembered who told them. They had discussed it among themselves and then decided to tell me about it. They really seemed to think I was an assassin. According to Fabien, it was my subconscious that was waging psychological warfare on the people above, thus triggering their suicide or murders. According to another rumor, but they themselves did not believe it, my brain exploited half the capacity of the NSA supercomputer. They wanted to know what I had to answer for these accusations. I told them to go see a psychologist. I felt they had been manipulated. I tried to make them take a step back on the question of obedience to an authority perceived as legitimate. We gradually changed the subject. Raphael left, I think he was working the next day. The discussion was very lively. We talked about evolution and progress, we didn't agree on anything. I really had the feeling of being faced with two ignorant people who have the minion syndrome. They did not understand that the ideas they defended were not in their interest. Fabien mixed the brushes. His words became incoherent. He no longer knew if it was the Neo-Darwinists or the Luciferians who thought so. At that precise moment, I told him that he was just a remote-controlled robot who no longer knew what stimuli to react to. I felt two different factions clashing in his head.


Here is the debate we had with Fabien:




Obviously, people who use remote neuromodulation technologies do not all agree and are even at war with each other. Moreover, it would seem that they take advantage of the times when we consume neuromodulators such as drugs, so that our experiences seem to us to have originated from the consumption of these products and not from the use of electromagnetic or ultrasonic telepathy technologies, because the people who use these technologies want to keep them secret, which becomes more and more difficult for them because science does not advance without publication. I also think that they take advantage of the bioelectronic properties of crystals to be able to act on our neural pathways.


Also in 2019, on the weekend of February 16, I flew to Nantes, I had to see a client for a loan buy-back. I took the opportunity to visit friends. I left Geneva on Thursday evening and returned to Geneva on Sunday. There were few incidents that weekend.


On Thursday April 11, 2019 at 5:20 p.m., I flew to Bordeaux to see my friend Davy Doba, we spent the night in Bordeaux. The next evening, we took a carpool to go to La Rochelle. We joined my friend Julien Rahon. We went to a club called the Freedom, 21 bis place du Maréchal Foch, until 5 or 6 in the morning. I drank a lot that night, I spent at least 70 euros in this nightclub (71 euros in all with my credit card). I remember waiting for my friends outside at the bike station. I was really drunk. I found myself with my friend Davy. We went towards the old port, we passed by the Quai Duperré to cross the canal. We walked towards the small port located between Quai Valin, Quai du Gabut and Quai du Carénage. These three quays form a triangle, the top of which is separated from the base by the Admiral Meyer quay, right in the all-seeing eye. (I posted a screenshot of the map on my instagram, search for Legacktem).


Look on a map, I call this the symbolic spatial planning, it is documented:




This symbolic development brings a ritual political dimension, we travel an initiatory path when we take these streets. Look at Paris, the island of Nantes and Montpellier but there are plenty of others, all the cities have symbols coded in their architecture. It's not a secret but you have to look and learn about the architects, their clients and their obedience.


I had trouble walking because of the excess of alcohol. I remember sitting down, Davy made me drink something from a disposable cup, cardboard if I remember correctly. I tasted it disgusting and gave it back to him. I had a stomach ache. That's when he started telling me some very strange stories. He told me that my head had been put on a bounty by Sanofi since my childhood. According to him, a certain Mr. Sanofi had come to my school and asked who would be smarter than his son. I would have raised my hand. He also talked about a global conspiracy, he said only I could solve it. He said there was cyanide everywhere, especially in hashish. He said people tried to get him into a flying saucer. "Camille, I killed them, Camille, I am an assassin!" He was screaming that in the middle of the street. He really seemed to believe what he was saying. He would then have taken control of the saucer, very easy to drive, as if his brain had merged with it. I asked him what I could do, he said "get high", "jerk off". He also told me that they had exceptional imaging capacities, that they could see through walls. I should not go to the Formula 1 hotels but rather to the Ibis hotels or the Campanile hotels. He also told me about a website or an application where people shared videos of me. He also told me that everywhere I went people were getting sick because the water was poisoned. At 6.45 am we went to the Sicard briocherie, just in front of the big wheel, I spent 13.90 euros. At 7:14 we went to Lauren's butcher in the covered market, I spent 30.84 euros. This butcher sells extraordinary mergez. We then went to Julien's to cook and eat.


My friend Davy still remembers snippets of the conversation, especially regarding cyanide and hotels.


Another programming consisted of Harpal Singh telling me that people were able to drive someone crazy by invisible means and that they were going to prove it to me.


Another time, Harpal asked me if I got headaches or hallucinations when I stopped at a red light and if that amp under the seat might be the reason. Later, this amplifier, connected completely backwards, obviously served as a retro-reflector or resonator for an electromagnetic attack on the car, I had to unplug it to be able to continue my journey. I also had to unplug the car radio. Otherwise, the automatic gearbox would no longer work. This story of the amp plugged in backwards is really disturbing. The 12v was connected to the ground of the amp. I could not identify where the input cinch cables came from.


Another time, my friend Christophe Ringli told me that the University of Lausanne was looking for volunteers for a psychotropic withdrawal experiment, they would artificially hallucinate the candidate consumer so that he would stop his consumption of his own free will. He told me it worked on him. He offered me to participate but I had to forget everything he had told me if I wanted it to work.


One day in the WHO canteen, my colleague Alex Schuler told me that he overheard a conversation in one of the conference rooms of which I was the subject. The people who were talking didn't think they were heard because my colleague had headphones on. According to this conversation, my head was put on a bounty by the Church of Satan. At first he seemed to take it seriously. He wondered what good I could have done to get a bounty on my head from these people. I asked him if it was risky, he replied that they were like flies that we hunt when they annoy us. The conversation that followed was rather lively and concerned my way of communicating. He thought it was my attitude that made the people in the Church of Satan resent me. People sitting at another table behind him seemed to be watching us very closely as I heard their comments. They said in particular that I expressed myself well.


Almost none of the people who apparently carried out these programs remember them. Did money or fear cause them to lose their memory? Or are they so well programmed? What then would be their stimuli? Would they have several? How many puppeteers intervened? What faction are these puppeteers from? How many other people like me were tried to believe that they would not be alone during this flu?


In May 2019, during the World Health Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva, under the supervision of my team headed by Reja Sarkis, I was charged by the latter to manage an event at the Biotech campus in cooperation with the Mission of Switzerland to the UN in Geneva under the responsibility of Miguel Perez-La Plante. Were invited the most influential officials in the biotech Domain. I had access to the United Nations headquarters with my badge and participated in the organization of several events, some of which were held in the most famous conference rooms of the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva.


At the beginning of June 2019, I took two weeks of vacation. I dug through an old hard drive and came across my stimuli, "Elimination process" by Gravediggaz (link above). I started hearing voices in my head. It seemed to me that attackers were standing in the apartments around mine, especially above. I was looking for concordances between noises, voices, thoughts and kinesthetic sensations.


I said out loud that I was going to call Bosnia and Serbia to eliminate the perpetrators of the harassment I was experiencing. Zoran Ilic I was thinking of while saying this was beaten up and left for dead about two weeks later by two mind-controlled Maghrebis, the night of June 21. Zoran doesn't remember anything. He had multiple fractures in his face and now suffers from neurological problems. He is a very well-connected person with a background in the army. We are waiting for the Margrebis to get solvency. Where are you Jasmin Bricko ? You are missing.


I started wanting to make a bomb, I gathered the ingredients and started cleaning up. I finally got out of my house, I went to McDonald's with my friend's car who had lent it to me for a few days.


When I arrived at the MacDonald's, everything was at a standstill, as if they had been warned of something, the counter clerk did not want to take an order. I insisted on asking for something that was already ready and left with a sandwich and a bottle of water. I stopped to eat on the side of the road watching the dozen drivers who were going back and forth looking at me with a bewildered look. I was wondering who these people were, counter-terrorism, secret service, members of a secret society, bandits or all of these? Maybe I was hallucinating that day.


That week, I even observed a drone outside my windows. I went to Besançon with my friend Harpal's car. A little after Vallorbe customs it started to rain heavily, the car started to slow down on its own, the gears wouldn't shift (automatic gearbox). I did several miles in first and second gear. I was thinking some kind of goodbye weapon (EMP attack), but it didn't always match the vehicles I could observe. I stopped a little before Pontarlier to unplug the amplifier and the set. The gears shifted normally again. It was when I finally turned the sound system back on a few months later that I realized the subwoofer was working but was plugged into the car stereo directly. The door speakers were not turned on. This amp was used for something else.


Back in Geneva, I installed the magnetometer application (Physics Toolbox Sensors Suite - Chrystian Vieyra) on my phone (it works with the phone's gyroscope, you can find it on the Google Play Store as well). I scanned the walls of my apartment and came across a pretty brass nut. It was the missing nut on an electrode Philips PM9321/A10 ATT. 10:1 that I thought to be a Geiger transducer that I found shortly after at work among the many electrodes in the electronics lab I was cleaning up. When I put the pieces of the electrode together I wondered if I had been suggested to do this. Coincidence? Bait? Index? Trap? This is certainly the clue that should have put me on the track following the conversation with Georges.


In any case, it put me on some good paths of understanding. I published the photo of part of this transducer as an album cover (My last days on earth - Legacktem). It turns out that during the month of June I felt my hair stand on end almost everywhere I went, like during a thunderstorm, this is a sign of ionizing radiation. For me there are three hypotheses: either lightning will strike, or it's a tesla coil, or it's X-rays or Gamma rays sent from I don't know where, possibly from space or from the living room wall. I've heard of stalking satellites : https://youtu.be/sQCtaiddPQI, the video will amaze you because it's the testimony of someone who lives in another reality, certainly because he had to participate in this. I researched gangstalking. I tried the magnetometer app again. I have measured several times in the WHO premises magnetic fields of more than 3000 microteslas, where the field was the most powerful it was at the level of the service of diplomatic pouches, near the electronics laboratory. There are witnesses (several Apleona workers), and I took screenshots. The most plausible hypothesis is that the employees of the subcontractor were neuromodulated so that they did not notice the trafficking of diplomatic parcels. They will probably tell you it is a magnetic field leak of the Large Hadron Collider. In some of the conference rooms (A, B, C, D), there were some strange pieces of equipment that were no longer in use, supposed to handle the speaking systems, but there were so many electronics that it could be neuromodulation equipment. They were huge electronic cards, at least 10x50x50cm, one per seat, all piled up in the cabinets of the technical room of each conference room.


Also, in conference rooms, computers running outdated Windows operating systems were accessible from the Internet, even if the meetings were organized in closed sessions. These computers were mainly used for the conference recording database system. I reported the issue to my internal hierarchy at WHO. I was advised to accept this situation because of the organizational issues related to the outsourcing of computer maintenance. Nevertheless, these computers were under the supervision of the service in which I was working: the Conference and Events Coordination service. Two times, my boss at WHO, Mr. Jose-Luis Perez Garcia gave me a paper where was written the name Fatima Dialo at the Geneva City Hall, probably to discretely send me a message without saying it. Kidnappings have been several times reported around Geneva City Hall, according to mind-control specialists.


I spoke with my neighbor upstairs who told me that the tenant who preceded me in the apartment had had problems comparable to mine. My neighbor thought my apartment was haunted. It was certainly this former tenant who hid the little nut in the wall.


One evening after work, I went to visit an apartment in Ferney-Voltaire. I had found the ad on a notice board at the WHO. The name of the owner was the same as that of a Spanish neurophysiologist who worked on psychotronics (Delgado : https://youtu.be/eK2Hopm5s_c). I did not follow up given the risk of a family link between these two people. That evening I went out to Geneva, I heard that my head was being put on a price, people were following me. I returned to the WHO around midnight, when I crossed the Place des Nations, the weather seemed very stormy, I felt my hair stand on end. A man in a suit was running, protecting his head with his briefcase, but it was not raining. I also started running up Appia Avenue, I greeted the diplomatic police in front of the Russian mission without stopping running.


Once at the WHO, I noticed that one of the security gates had potentially been forced open, it had remained open. I went to lie down in the rest room. A securitas came to ask me if everything was fine, I explained to her that I had been followed and that I had come to take refuge here. She told me not to worry, to rest, and that everything was under control. I heard her talking on the walkie-talkie, the police in front of the Russian mission had seen a man running with large lightning bolts above his head.


I fell asleep, the next morning I met my boss who asked me if I had slept there, I said yes. He started to get angry and asked me to go to my boss to be lectured, I took all my things and never came back or went to my boss. I went home to pack my boxes. I went back to Besançon. I paid a visit to my friend Matthieu Favret, the one who believes he is one of nine angels. I told him about my problems. He started to be very emotional and incoherent. In fact, he was very afraid of me waking up. I also visited Julien (the doctor), who offered me to clam down and take a psychiatric drug he had instead of going anywhere.


The same day, I tried to find a gendarmes station to declare the situation. But is was impossible for me to wait and the gendarmes were not receptive enough. I made an alert about a gendarme staying alone in a gendarme station with a prisoner near Besançon.


I then went to Bordeaux with a rental car (Renault Clio 4). On the way I received suggestions to stop on the side of the road behind a Czech truck. On the highway I had to drive at 120 like in Switzerland because they wanted to give me Swiss nationality. On the car radio I listened to a program where the speaker was talking about a kitchen event located in a place where I had to go, as if the program had been used to reveal a mission to me. Of course I didn't go there.


One evening I went to the ocean trying to go through forest paths. I finally parked at the bottom of a large cornfield. As I was lighting a cigarette, I noticed a cluster of stars in front of me. It was not yet night, however. The constellation began to approach me, I saw the objects bigger and bigger. At the time I believed in drones because I heard in my head that people came to film me with special cameras. I panicked and immediately drove off as fast as I could.


I felt my hair stand on end more and more. I heard voices from all sides, it was talking about me. The voices seemed to be trying to make it sound like some kind of military exercise, like at the start of Gravediggaz's song (with hindsight, I think someone was sending me the conversations of UFO crews via their own UFO neuromodulation systems). I rolled the windows wide open to try to compensate for the radiation. Every time I tried to get out of the car I felt more electrified. I thought to myself that it was better to stay in the car because the tires insulate from the earth. I really had the feeling of stormy weather, everything was electric, I was making sparks when I touched the car.


At that time I turned on Skyrock, there was the song Nautilus by Alkpote. The voices in my head told me that I was passing some sort of test that allowed entry into a new secret world. After I think there was a freestyle, I had the impression that the guys were singing for me, they seemed sure that I was going to die. I was driving really fast.


I said to myself that it would be better to return to Bordeaux but each time I arrived in front of a panel I said to myself that it had been modified or moved. GPS was not working. I was looking for the highway, I wanted to find a police station. Each time I found myself on the same straight road that led to a large obelisk that made me think of the risk of taking lightning. There was a long straight with a narrowing and a slight offset at the level of buildings on the left, at the end of this road was the obelisk on the left. I was driving at around 160 km/h. I can't find this obelisk, if you know it, you are invited to write to admin@legacktem.com. I entered a kind of labyrinth but I managed to go out.


I finally broke the car thinking to join the highway, but it was a Lafarge worksite (the same company which sold concrete to ISIS in Syria), the fence was very strong and could have cut the upper part of the car, I had to lower my head. As the windshield was broken I could not see anything and I ended up getting stuck in a rut trying to take a forest path. I fled on foot into the forest with my improvised survival bag, without a drop of water. Traces of bulldozers near mounds of pine waste suggested that something had been freshly covered (forest of Hostens in Gironde).


My brand new $50 flashlight with brand new batteries stopped working after 3 minutes. I was running without knowing where to go. When I came out into the open, purple lightning fell on me. I started to hop to avoid contact with the ground and returned to cover. At that point I figured I was probably wearing an RFID chip and got rid of my bag. Back in the open, the lightning still fell on me. I finally threw away all my clothes and hid in a hole to thwart possible infrared vision. I heard an animal approaching me, probably a wild boar or a bear because the rattle had a deep sound. The animal may have been under psychotronic control because my screams did not scare it away. I sang all night and fell asleep for a few hours.


At 10 solar o'clock I woke up and went in search of civilization. Unable to find my clothes, I did not search much because I was afraid of being shot. I dressed myself with branches and leaves. I finally found people. They gave me water. I asked them to call the gendarmes. I started to wobble. Once the gendarmes arrived, I could no longer speak, everything was mixed up in my head. I had hallucinations.


The cops called the fire department. I got into their ambulance. I heard voices saying "ask them if they are Swiss". I asked "Are you Swiss?" they nodded but when I asked them the name of the Swiss currency they said "the Swiss franc", so they were French. When I got to the hospital I tried to run away. They caught me and tied me to the bed. Then they put me to sleep with an injection. Just before the injection, it seemed to me that the nurse was holding, with a sort of needle-nose pliers with the curved end, a red component one or two cm long, probably an electrode for the MRI examination. which I spent during non-sleep. By imagining that I have implants or magnetic particles in my brain, it could have killed me or seriously damaged my tissues.


I woke up in another hospital. I was able to leave after a few weeks. Four months later, I received a dvd in the mail, this dvd contained the brain scan that resulted from the MRI.


During the fall, I often returned to Geneva to see friends. I always took the same route. Twice deer rushed under my wheels near Salins-les-Bains. The first time there were two, the second time only one. And it seems to me that I was suggested to feel that it was done intentionally.


Several times I felt suggested from the car in front of me to turn right on forest paths or small roads. These suggestions seemed to come from people who claimed to live like royalty in front of fancy swimming pools. For me it was just attempted kidnappings. They even tried in broad daylight.


Supposed to be recovering, I made music all winter. I lived with my father and I often went to Geneva to my friend Harpal. I got tired of staying with my dad so I moved to my mom. One day she told me that the army was interested in me. Another time, while we were chatting, she suddenly changed her tone and topic to ask me if I was ready to change my identity. It was as if an outside force had taken control of her while she said that sentence. A few seconds later, she denied having said that.


In February 2020, I went to La Rochelle. The day before or two days before my arrival, I dreamed of a meeting in a parking lot near the Plage de la Concurrence. I was near the cars and met a young man with glasses. He looked like an agent to me. Once we arrived in La Rochelle, we met at Julien's, the young man I had met in my dream arrived with other people, I spoke to Julien and Cesar Jacquey about it, who obviously didn't take me seriously. This young man whose name I have forgotten managed to get home with the woman who attracted me.


In the spring of 2020, I was looking for an apartment in Besançon but the day after I sent the complete file, the agency closed due to confinement. I ended up finding an apartment thanks to a brave landlord. I told him that my head was put on a bounty by Satanists, he told me to be careful and that these people were dangerous. During the visit he talked about the color of the walls asking me if it looked like cocaine. I replied that this color was closer to that of the heroine. I felt good in the apartment so I took it. But that's when I really started to understand how you make a terrorist. I was shown the film of shooters on the roof, the film of helicopters, the film of friends who would communicate with me from the hill opposite, etc. I call these films because I felt that they were programs made up of a set of stimuli. I felt the same programs many times. In particular, they tried to make me believe that my thoughts were on television. I experienced this almost every night in April and early May.


I was barricaded in my home with traps and knives everywhere trying to survive an assault. In any case, I was suggested in this direction. I even heard Bernard Henri Lévy talking to me in my head. “It is Bernard Henri Lévy who speaks to you, it is Bernard Henry Lévy who speaks to you”. It was probably a recording but it's cruel all the same. He may even have made this recording knowingly. I was angry, I posted a lot on Facebook to try to explain the maneuver carried out with this flu. One morning I heard two vans pull up near my office window. I leaned over to see, it was soldiers in uniform. They left when they saw me.


There was another strange episode, but with firefighters carrying a red, rectangular device. I called it a docilator. It's the perfect kind of device for manipulating crime scenes. You turn it on and no one understands anything. The firefighter holding it seemed a little wobbly to me, I saw him from my office window when he was just below. I felt a strong magnetic field which caused headaches, dizziness and a feeling of hypnosis. I looked the guy in the eye and asked "what is this device?" ". He said "that", pointing to his device, I said "yes that", he said "ha that!" (it's my brother's technique when he doesn't want to talk about something but he doesn't say it in the same tone).


After careful consideration, I began to remove all the barriers from all the parks in Besançon, every day, sometimes two or three times a day. I explained my approach to the people I met: “There is no risk of contamination outside, go for a walk it stimulates the immune system”. The mayor and the prefect requested my internment by respective orders. One evening at the Viotte station, police officers from the BAC were putting the barriers back in place. They weren't in uniform. As I wasn't sure they were really policemen, I went to ask them for their identity papers. They knocked me off my bike. They strangled me, one of them pressed my carotid voluntarily. I couldn't breathe. They even tried to put a mask on me which smelled really bad. I had my hands behind my back for a long time.


I was convinced that I was going to die there, like an idiot. I found one last breath for them to vomit that I knew full well there was a bounty on my head but they had no chance of getting paid. That's when they let me catch my breath and teleported light speed to the hospital in psychiatry (I mean the driver was really reckless). I explained to them that their TETRA system could be the source of electromagnetic or ultrasonic suggestions, I noted my Facebook to the one who was listening.


Again in the hospital, after only five days I hardly believed my story anymore. I still wrote a fax to the public prosecutor to inform him that I believed that I had suffered an assassination attempt, within a time limit that allowed him to access the public security images. I did not receive any answer. I challenged my internment at first instance and on appeal, the judges sided with the prefect. The prefecture even wanted to extend until September.


Fortunately, the psychiatrist was coming to the end of his internship. He said he thought I was lying when I told him I was better. What was his interest in believing that? Nobody seemed to me to seek to verify the veracity of the assertions of the prefect and the mayor who were expressed in an obscure language of grimoire. The chief psychiatrist, Christine Painau had clearly seen that I do not represent a risk because I question my perception. The conclusion is that they still kept me for two months for allowing the inhabitants of Besançon to go for a walk.


I spent the first month of my stay in an isolation room. During this period, a night nurse came almost every night to give me a drug that was normally given only when needed. She was the only one doing that. This drug gave heartburn, drooling and sleep apnea. I was forced to go to bed earlier to escape it, because you don't wake a patient to sedate him, not yet, well, it's up to you.


I was discharged from the hospital at the beginning of June 2020. Back home, I felt bad. I sold all my sound equipment. I moved in with my dad in October. I started living a healthy life again by eating well and exercising.


In February 2021, I released an instrumental album that I had composed in the fall-winter of 2019. I started gardening around my father's house, with his consent. I paid him a rent of 350 euros per month. My sister Mélusine and her boyfriend Marceau did everything to annoy me, they appropriated a place that I had just weeded, they covered what I planted and threw cigarette butts where I tried to clean the earth. I remember having once given my sister a book for Christmas entitled "little treatise on manipulation for the use of honest people". It looks like she ended up reading it. Greg, my roommate, once told me he heard my sister and her boyfriend plotting against my dad. They wanted to appropriate the house, or at least the lower level where we lived with Greg.


I undertook to make a heated greenhouse thanks to the air extractions on the south side of the house. My father agreed, at least at first. When I started to remove the earth that covered the house on the south side, he came to ask me questions. He was disturbed to see changes, he who had never maintained his garden or his land. The neighbor always complained that his sewer was wrongly connected to his and he never did anything. I tried to take things in hand, removing the earth along the house was finally going to dehumidify the bottom of the house which was in a sorry state inside on the south side.


I planted laurels. I started building a small wall. One day, when friends came to help me, my brother put a garbage bag on the terrace. A neighbor saw the scene. My brother waited until we were across the passage to take out the trash. We were in the process of forming. He emptied the bag into the trash can and showed me the empty bag. I told him to keep it to reuse. He put it in the trash. I took that as a provocation and slapped him on the back of the head.


Marceau, who was watching the scene from the terrace, rushed inside to warn my father. He must have greatly exaggerated things because my father arrived like a fury, pretending to want to come to blows. I yelled at him like a rotten fish to make him understand that he wouldn't lay a hand on me and neither would I. They called the police, firefighters, paramedics, etc. Finally the gendarmerie came with an ambulance. I went out to the gate to see, my father tried to push me out. I entered the house and locked the door. The gendarmes, armed with flash-balls, deployed along the house.


A friend who had stayed with me was trying to calm them down. I explained that it was only a dishonest maneuver to get rid of me. Finally one of the paramedics took the initiative to call the Samu doctor so that I could talk to him on the phone. My father and Marceau had told everything possible to make me look like a dangerous madman with suicidal thoughts. The Samu doctor understood that I was fine and the operation was cancelled.


About two weeks later, firefighters came down with Marceau. They convinced me to go with them to see the psychiatrist at the hospital to confirm that I was fine. I will learn later that my father had again initiated "hospitalization proceedings at the request of a third party". Once at the hospital, I waited at least an hour. The doctor asked me how I was. I explained to him that my father Michel Planat and Marceau were carrying out maneuvers to have me hospitalized. He asked me if I had ever had extraction attempts, I told him that had happened to me in the past. He then asked me if I would agree to spend the night at the hospital. I told him no. He asked me to wait in the hallway.


Nurses came in large numbers to ask me to lie down on a bed, obviously they expected me not to let myself go. I lay down without protesting and they tied me down with the restraints. A nurse I knew by sight took care of me, he was pissed off, he seemed to resent me. I told him I recognized him and that pissed him off even more. He gave me an injection with a sedative. I woke up the next morning and was transferred to Novillars Hospital.


I stayed in isolation for a day or two. My mother informed me that she couldn't come into the house to take things, my father had already changed all the locks. He had pretended that I had installed a wifi jammer to break the door of my room. He had discovered cannabis plants and had warned the gendarmes who searched in my absence. When my mother was finally able to gain access to the house thanks to a bailiff, all my belongings had been moved to another room. The report of the bailiff is edifying, it testifies to the aggressiveness of my father and his band (Marceau, my sister and my brother).


A few weeks later, the gendarmes came to interview me at the hospital with the corrupt consent of the corrupt psychiatrist, Christine Paineau. My father had hidden 60 grams of hashish in my room before going to the gendarmerie. The gendarmes test kit analyzed my 0.2 grams 70% CBD extract as crack but the laboratory did not confirm. They did not analyze the less than 0.2% THC composition of the CBD strain cannabis plants. They threatened me of a severe penalty in case I would not also recognize the hashish as mine, with the complicity of the corrupt prosecutor. My corrupt lawyer, Faustine Cheval, acted like she negotiated a fine of 200 euros did not raise any of the two the procedural issues which are the fact that my father broke the door illegally and he thus cannot be the witness of the gendarmes search and the fact that the psychiatrist had accepted my hearing despite my brainwashing. I went before the prosecutor in December, I got a 200 euros fine. I paid in the tribunal. The public treasury did not record my payment and threatened me of imprisonment. I went to the public treasury with the receipt, they tried to not give me a receipt but I finally got it.



You cannot resist phonon laser brainwashing with only CBD, you need THC to forget unlinked knowledge faster.



I left Besançon on April 4, 2022. I was arrested by a corrupt gendarme, Frederic Mendes. He waited for me in Montrevel en Bresse, near the mayor office. He turned on his flashing light and arrested me in front of the gendarmerie. He falsely accused me of several offences and gave me a fake police report concerning the confiscation of my car because of a problem with my driving license confirmed by the corrupt gendarmerie smartphone software. He did not put my name on the police report. My driving license dates from 2005, even after cancellation, the driver retains the same driving license. The law allowing confiscation dates from 2008. The principle of non-retroactivity of the stricter criminal law has constitutional value and implies that the law of 2008 does not apply to my driver's license Until then, this principle was respected by the police, gendarmes, customs officers and international cooperation offices.


Indeed, to trigger the use of this corrupt legislation, the NWO network has to corrupt the examinating expert for him to miss the appointment with the target then force the target to remain mobile because the driving license depends on one prefecture, the appointment with the expert cannot take place in another prefecture. This way, a target like me can see his car confiscated when needed by the NWO.


The gendarme entrusted me with the keys to the vehicle to sleep in it. I left immediately knowing that police officers from Bourg-en-Bresse were on their way to cause me harm. I crossed them 500 meters after leaving the gendarmerie. I left and spent some time near Nice. There was police at all highway tolls. I went to Montpellier, radars flashed without reason. I went to Narbonne, cops, gendarmes and barbouzes always reacted by escaping when I posted their pictures on Telegram without apparently communicating. I went to Madrid, my car was confiscated 500 meters before my AirBnb. The police did not give me any receipt nor contested the validity of my driving license. I could not find my car, over the phone the police overpriced the price of the fine. I still do not know where is my car. Fuck the police, I will burn you all. Police prohibits cannabis in Madrid despite the recent legalization. I found no cannabis club in Madrid. Police hacked traffic light to steal my money with a fake offence, I posted their video on my Instagram. When I arrived to the ATM, the price raised to 8 euros as described in the next video. I was almost hit by a car near another hacked traffic light one month later.



The police command overriding operations everywhere in NATO countries were orchestrated with phonon lasers by convincing a few police members to falsely pretend a direct contact with the New World Order masters.



Macron, you are a submitted whore, you encourage people to use smartphones which are inherently vulnerable because of their corrupted architecture pushed through corruption where the GSM chipset always has access to the CPU because it embeds the management of the GSM frequency bands. Macron, I will either put you in jail or kill you.






The NWO pricks are so stupid that they do not tell to their puppets how often a diplomat masturbates himself even if they perfectly can know it for any person on earth with EM imaging and compromising emanations combined, in order to look reasonable to their "reasonable" puppets.



With hindsight, their only power is that we listen to them, that we look at them and that we let them decide the agenda. I'm talking about you the defeatist and/or obscurantist stooges.



The album "Legacktem - My last days on earth" was released on February 21, 2021. The album "Meka", the single "Arrêter d'se taire" and "the story of the Grand Chamberlain the village idiot" were released on 02/22/2022. In total, I published 22 tracks. I remind you that we make the revolution by having fun and partying, not only by murdering people in a visible or invisible way.



There is good in each of us, the trick is to bring it out.



«Tu t’identifies ? Moi j’ai du dentifrice.

Les nantais prient vers la multiprise.

C’est pas un drame si les Vikings capturent les trames du Linky.

De toute façon les cabalistes galvanisent des tas d’valises.

Quoique tu dises on sait qu’tu roupillais.»



Free the prisoners of mind control, free all the prisoners. It's non-negotiable, we need space in the prisons, space for the most corrupt bandits. Also, France must pay for damages inflicted to Algerians. Let Algeria be independent and free from any oligarchy. Let light be shed on the strategies that led to the dismantling of Yugoslavia, let the victims be all compensated and let the reunification be proposed. And be quick about it caballero.



Continuation to come



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